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Getting Started with Solace JMS Just Got Easier

 Let me share with you some good news for developers interested in trying out or getting started on the JMS standard based features of the Solace Message Router with Solace JMS: After installing and starting a Solace Virtual Message Router (VMR), it will now take you less than a minute to get from zero to having a working JMS sample code fetched from GitHub, all built and running to get your first JMS message exchanged with the Solace Message Router.

With the Solace APIs Now Available via Maven Central, the build will automatically pull down the required Solace JMS client libraries. Developers can get right to productivity focusing on their messaging applications. This is all you need to do to try out the Solace JMS Getting Started Samples, assuming you have a Solace VMR running, JDK and Git installed:

To achieve this, I have recently updated the basic Solace JMS samples on GitHub with a developer friendly way to dynamically create JMS administered objects.… Read the rest