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Using SEMP for Data Visualization, Provisioning and Monitoring

One of the less well-known but incredibly powerful features of Solace’s Unified Message Platform is Solace Elements Management Protocol, commonly called SEMP. The name says it all — it’s a protocol for managing the various elements of your Solace implementation.

SEMP is pretty intuitive and well documented, and once you get the hang of it you’ll come to think of it as an indispensable tool in many areas of Solace appliance administration. It enables sophisticated scripting and monitoring, and you can even use it to build custom apps for provisioning, visualization, historical reporting and more.

SEMP is actually the foundation of SolAdmin — everything you see on screen in SolAdmin is fetched by SEMP under the covers, which means you can use SEMP to replicate or improve upon anything SolAdmin does in your own applications.

What is SEMP?

SEMP is an XML RPC that works over HTTP or Solace’s message bus. … Read the rest