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Recap of New York User Group October 2016

Earlier this week Wells Fargo hosted the autumn edition of the Solace New York User Group meeting at their offices in midtown Manhattan. This meeting was unusual: in addition to the New York location, Wells Fargo also live-streamed the presentations to a remote group of users in Charlotte, North Carolina, which effectively meant that two Solace user groups were happening at the same time!

To start off the evening, Well Fargo’s David Bloom and Subrata Chatterjee kicked off with a lively discussion on their specific use case with Solace technology. Deutsche Bank’s Matthew Mezger and Thomas Kunnumpurath then talked about their deployments of Solace in their global environments. Shawn McAllister wrapped up with a presentation on all the really cool things we’re working on now.

To end the meeting, we took our users to Michael Jordan’s restaurant at Grand Central Station, where we had a combination mini-celebration/post-user group networking hour. The mini-celebration was in honor of our recent launch of the new Solace logo and Open Data Movement.… Read the rest

Recap of IoT Tech Expo Central Europe 2016

Last week Solace assembled our Internet of Things swat team from Zurich, Singapore and San Francisco to participate in the IoT Tech Expo in Berlin. The conference agenda included tracks on many aspects of Smart Cities and the Industrial Internet. There were over 4000 people there and the sessions and show floor was buzzing with activity as people shared information on IoT projects and plans from all over Europe.

Sumeet Puri, one of our IoT gurus, spoke to a packed room about the several of the smart city initiatives that Solace is involved in around the world. He dug deep into the many aspects that make up the IoT ecosystem, including how to capture, analyze, store, react to, predict and manage real-time IoT events.

In a separate keynote panel session focusing on the digitalization of industry, Sumeet and representatives from Samsung, Statoil, Vodafone and Coca-Cola had a lively discussion on challenges that companies face in our increasingly connected world.… Read the rest

VoiceBase — Giving Voice to the Cloud

“This call is being recorded for quality assurance.” You’ve likely heard this message before if you’ve dialed into any customer support line. Chances are, a person isn’t ever going to listen to those calls. They’re probably going to be transcribed automatically using a technology like VoiceBase, a successful cloud-based voice analytics service that helps businesses extract actionable content out of audio and video for a wide range of uses.

Today, VoiceBase announced that they have deployed Solace messaging technology within their cloud-based service as the event bus to orchestrate how voice files get processed. VoiceBase enables many different voice processing use cases including: speech-to-text, call center agent monitoring, redaction of sensitive info like credit card numbers, and much more. It’s really easy to integrate with your apps too – you simply upload an audio or video file, call their API, and set the parameters for the results you need. Your request is then performed and returned in record time, thanks to the rapid process analysis orchestrated with the Solace platform.… Read the rest

The Evolution of Data Movement on Wall Street

We recently attended FinDEVr New York, a conference focused on technology in the financial services space, aka fintech. We mixed and mingled with a very technical and interesting crowd of companies doing some cool things to change the way we interact with our money and investments. Emily, Alex and Wayne from our New York office represented Solace. Emily presented to a packed room about how data movement has evolved over time, and how financial services firms use our technology to respond to those changes. Check out some photos from the event and watch Emily’s 15-minute presentation below.… Read the rest

Pigeons Tackling Big City Air Pollution

If you’ve been to any big city you’ve seen flocks of pigeons pecking for food in open air marketplaces, hanging out on rooftops and pooping all over statues. If you were in London March 14-16, you might have seen some flying around the city with tiny packs strapped to their backs. These are actually racing pigeons, part of the Pigeon Air Patrol, a project developed by Plume Labs to monitor air pollution in London.

Their tiny backpacks contain sensors that measure nitrogen dioxide, ozone and other pollutants, all of which unfortunately exist in abundance in London. The Pigeon Air Patrol tracks all that data, and if you tweet your location to @PigeonAir, you’ll get a real-time reading of air quality over your head so you can decide if you want to go for that jog or stay indoors—all thanks to those hard-working backpack-wearing pigeons!  It’s a pretty nifty use of request/reply interactions and a great way to generate awareness of an important social and environmental issue.Read the rest

That Pre-Crime Idea from Minority Report? It’s Happening Now

Almost daily, we are seeing real-time data and all of its associated technologies being used in creative ways that benefit society. You’ve probably seen stories of smart cities sprouting up all over the world, as communities seek to live more efficiently, and the Internet of Things has been touted as a key new asset in the fight against climate change.

In an effort to make its streets safer, police in Indianapolis have integrated their crime databases, automated real-time crime feeds and built visualization dashboards that can automatically connect the dots in ways you’ve seen in the movies and on television shows for years. But instead of the gritty street-wise cop piecing the details together, it will be the analytics engine and the data feeds doing the crime fighting.  In the Indianapolis use case, since the data is shared across police departments, many communities are sharing the benefits, which are numerous and potentially game-changing for the future of local law enforcement.… Read the rest