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Understanding IoT Protocols – Matching your Requirements to the Right Option

The Internet of Things is finally happening at mass scale as the cost of the sensors, networks and computing power has made the economics work. There are many articles on the web that focus on the sensors, the processes and the opportunity for analytics to drive new efficiencies using IoT, so I will focus on how the data moves from place to place within the architecture. I have also written a blog post called  “Why IoT Needs Messaging” that you might find interesting.

In an IoT architecture there are four different kinds of connections across which data moves:
1) device to device, 2) device to gateway, 3) gateway to data system and 4) between data systems.

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Why IoT Needs Messaging

The number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) surpassed the number of smartphones and personal computers some time ago, and will overtake the number of people on the planet this year.  Gartner estimates that over 20 billion devices will be connected to IoT by 2020, growing at about 30 percent annually.

Most IoT projects involve only a few hundred or thousand connected devices, but even a seemingly simple application can require hundreds of thousands of connections between devices and generate millions of information updates a second depending on the frequency of updates from those devices.

An IoT architecture with many devices, intermediary nodes (where aggregation and processing may occur) and back-end systems like applications and analytics engines was once an extreme example of distributed computing, but is the new norm.


With so many nodes as part of a single application, you can be sure that something will always be wrong somewhere – devices will need repair, the aggregating nodes will break or reach capacity, or some datacenter asset will be offline. … Read the rest