Digital transformation is often positioned as a single event or burst of activities. Survey questions such as “How far along are you in your digital transformation?” only serve to bolster this notion.

Truth is, transformation is continuous and it can often feel like you’re taking two steps back just to move a few inches forward.

This is especially apparent for enterprises moving to the cloud but still maintaining their important on-premise legacy systems.

As Mark Smith of Ventana Research wrote in his paper below, such companies “often encounter the challenge of maintaining the continuity of business processes.”

Mark is the CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana and he has held CMO, product development and research roles at companies such as SAP, META Group, Oracle and IRI Software.

His experience across major industries including banking, consumer products, food and beverage, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and retail and consumer services has allowed him to watch, lead, and now research digital transformations at various stages and in various sectors.

He believes we are in a new era of enterprise messaging technologies, and that those leading the pack are…

“agile in interoperation across cloud protocols, and can guarantee and secure messages across platforms and the internet.”

Read the full piece here:

A New Era in Messaging As a Service
Cameron Conaway

Cameron Conaway is the Director of Marketing Communications at Solace. He is the author of 5 poetry collections, and his work as a journalist has appeared in Harvard Business Review, Newsweek, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and The Guardian, among other publications. He lives in San Francisco.