Dynamic Message Routing in PubSub+ CloudΒΆ

In PubSub+ Cloud, all enterprise messaging services are created with the Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) feature enabled. To learn more about DMR, check out the official documentation in the Solace Tech Docs.

The following PubSub+ Cloud plans are DMR enabled:

  • Kilo
  • Mega
  • Giga
  • Tera

A DMR cluster is automatically configured on the PubSub+ Broker and enabled within the message VPN. The password for cluster communication is stored in PubSub+ Cloud and available from the Status tab on the service details page, along with all other relevant DMR cluster information.

Note that in PubSub+ Cloud, you should only use external links to create event meshes. Internal links will be managed for you by PubSub+ Cloud. To create DMR cluster links, use the click-to-connect feature in the PubSub+ Manager.