Azure Resource Group Scoped Private Datacenter

In PubSub+ Cloud, there are many ways that customer can customize the installation of their regions to meet their security needs across the various different clouds. In Azure, any time you create a new message broker, Solace will first allocate a new resource group following the best practice for resource containment within Azure resource groups. Then Solace will deploy the message broker’s infrastructure within the resource group. Deletion of resource group occurs on deletion of the message broker. Some customers use resource groups for security policies which is a second use case for Azure Resource Groups. In this case, Solace can customize the region to enable customer provide resource groups.

To understand the benefit of resource group scoped private datacenters it is important to understand some high-level concepts about how a private datacenter operates:

A private datacenter lives inside your subscription. To successfully orchestrate service, It requires certain permissions to Azure resources so that it can manage message brokers on your behalf. This necessitates the creation of an application registration with proper roles assigned to give the app access to various Azure resources such as VMs, subnets, etc. The datacenter then uses this application registration to perform deployments necessary for creation, update, deletion of brokers.

A non resource group scoped datacenter is given roles scoped at a subscription level giving the application the permission to modify all relevant resources within the subscription. This may be undesireable if the subscription contains resources unrelated to Solace. This is the problem addressed by resource group scoped datacenters at the cost of decreased ease-of-use.

A private Azure Datacenter that is resource group scoped will * deploy a messaging service to only the resource groups that you give Solace access to. * restrict Solace Datacenter’s access to only the resource groups that you have scoped Solace Application’s role to. * ensure Solace Datacenter cannot create new resource group modify any non Solace Datacenter resources within the Azure tenant or subscription

This feature can be enabled at time of datacenter installation. The Azure application that will be created for the datacenter will not be given any subscription level role assignment. You will have the ability to manage the custom role that is associated to this application. You will need to update the role to reflect the new resource groups created for each message broker. To make things easier, you may batch together the creation of multiple resource groups. For detailed instructions, please refer to How to Add New Azure Resource Group for New Messaging Services in Private Azure Cloud .