Launch Stages Overview

PubSub+ Cloud organizes its products and features to belong to one of the following launch stages: General Availability, Beta, Early Access, Alpha, Deprecated. To gain access to features in certain launch stages, special requests may have to be made to support. For details on the meaning of each launch stage please see below. Note: There is no requirement that a feature should go through every launch stage.

Early Access

Early-access features are limited to a closed group of testers for a limited subset of launches. Participation is by invitation only and may require signing a pre-general-availability agreement, including confidentiality provisions. These features may be unstable, change in backward-incompatible ways, and are not guaranteed to be released. There are no SLAs provided and no technical support obligations. Early-access releases are rare and focus on validating product prototypes.


Alpha is a limited-availability test before releases are cleared for more widespread use. Our focus with alpha testing is to verify functionality and gather feedback from a limited set of customers. Typically, alpha participation is by invitation or opt-in. Alpha releases don’t have to be feature complete, no SLAs are provided, and there are no technical support obligations. However, alphas are generally suitable for use in test environments.


At beta, products or features are ready for broader customer testing and use. Betas are often publicly announced. There are no SLAs or technical support obligations in a beta release unless otherwise specified in product terms or the terms of a particular beta program. Products will be complete from a feature perspective, but may have some open outstanding issues.

General Availability

General availability products and features are open to all customers, covered by our SLAs, and are ready for production use.


Deprecated features are scheduled to be shut down and removed. Deprecation and shut down or removal timelines will be well communicated and customers are encouraged to contact support if deprecation will have an impact on their business.

Above stages are specific to our SaaS application. For the detail on our software and hardware broker products, please check here.