Solace Cloud Multiple Account


Users can be added to more than one Solace Cloud Account. Once added, a user can have different permissions in each environment.

Organizations may purchase different subscriptions for (production, non-production, etc.) environments. Then organizations will be able to add users to one or more environments, enabling them to segregate their user base e.g. contractors, sales engineers, and different profession service groups.

Access and Permissions

The Multiple Account feature allows organizations to provide to their users different access and permissions to sets of different Solace Cloud PubSub+ Messaging Services. In addition, users can have different roles (e.g. admin, billing admin, and messaging user) in separate accounts.


The same credentials are used to login to all accounts in Solace PubSub+ Cloud Console. After successful login, a user that belongs to more than one account is prompted to select which account to access. A user in only one account will not be prompted and will be signed in immediately.

Solace PubSub+ Cloud Console Login Solace PubSub+ Cloud Console Multiple AccountLogin

Switching Between Accounts

While signed in, a user can view and switch between their accounts using the Profile menu option in Solace console located at the bottom left.

Solace PubSub+ Cloud Console Multiple Account Switch