How to Determine The Best PubSub+ Cloud Region to UseΒΆ

You can create messaging services in many regions around the world with PubSub+ Cloud.

Determining the best region your messaging service can be based on the following considerations:

  • Physical Location - Choose a region physically close to the the location your microservices are running. If you concerned with disaster recovery you may wish to choose to use multiple regions and link them together with our disaster recovery feature.
  • Latency - For best performance, you should consider the latency from your microservice to different clouds and regions, which can be affected by the location and cloud you choose. The most ideal scenarios is where the messaging services are co-located with your applications and networked together with an event mesh.
  • Politics and Laws - If you are concerned about data residency due to data soveriegnty laws, select the correct regions for your messaging services which match your data residency needs. You may have specific data-residency requirements for your customer data that will dictate which region you should choose.

To get started, click here Creating Your First Messaging Service.