Adaptris Interlok is an event-based framework designed to enable architects to rapidly connect different applications, communications standards and data standards to deliver an integrated solution.

The key design philosophy of the Interlok framework is the ability to apply the right amount of integration technology in the appropriate place. It offers complete flexibility to embed custom application connections and services within the framework. You can either compose services into your integration solution; or you can write custom code. Sometimes custom code is better, sometimes it isn’t.

Interlok provides native API access to IBM MQ Series brokers (in addition to JMS) providing access to all the available fields from a MQMessage, which may not be available in other APIs such as JMS. Also, the native API provides access to MQ Series running on IBM mainframes, in addition to WebSphereMQ.

Solace is an Adaptris Interlok Reseller.

Provider: Adaptris Interlok
Endpoint Service
IBM MQ Series
Adaptris Interlok
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