There are several MapR destination connectors:

  • The MapR DB destination writes data to MapR DB binary tables. The destination can write data to MapR DB as text, binary data, or JSON strings. You can define the data format for each column written to MapR DB.
  • The MapR DB JSON destination writes data as JSON documents to MapR DB JSON tables. The destination converts each record into a JSON document and writes the document to the JSON table that you specify.
  • The MapR FS destination writes files to MapR FS. You can write the data to MapR as flat files or Hadoop sequence files.
  • The MapR Streams Producer destination writes messages to MapR Streams.

This connector is part of StreamSets Data Collector. Data Collector is a component of the StreamSets DataOps Platform.

Solace is a StreamSets reseller partner.

Provider: StreamSets Data Collector
Endpoint Service
StreamSets Data Collector
Connector Type
Connector Endpoint

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