This no-code/low-code integration uses Solace-created, open source CloudFormation templates to automate the configuration of AWS infrastructure like VPC endpoints and an AWS API gateway. The REST delivery point of a Solace PubSub+ event broker deployed in AWS is then linked with the AWS VPC endpoint, and message queues and subscriptions to are set up to incorporate it into the PubSub+ powered event mesh.

You can asynchronously send and receive messages from an SNS topic. The body of the Solace message is written to the SNS topic.

To receive messages, you must subscribe the Solace event broker to the SNS topic. This causes any matching SNS messages to be asynchronously pushed to Solace on the configured topic. From this point a consumer app can subscribe and receive any SNS published messages.

It is FREE to use, all you need is a valid PubSub+ Event Broker support plan and you are all set!

Provider: Solace
Endpoint Service
Amazon SNS
Connector Type
Connector Endpoint

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