The Salesforce origin reads data from Salesforce. You can configure the origin to read data in one or both of the following ways:

  • Execute a query to read existing data from Salesforce using the Bulk API or SOAP API.

    When processing existing data, you configure the SOQL query, offset field, and optional initial offset to use. When using the Bulk API, you can enable PK Chunking to efficiently process very large volumes of data.

    When processing existing data and not subscribed to notifications, you can configure the origin to repeat the SOQL query. The origin can perform a full or incremental read at specified intervals. And under certain circumstances, you can also process deleted records.

  • Subscribe to notifications to process PushTopic, platform, or change events.

    When subscribing to notifications to process events, you specify the event type and the name of the topic, API, or Change Data Capture object. When subscribing to platform events, you can also specify a replay property.

This connector is part of StreamSets Data Collector. Data Collector is a component of the StreamSets DataOps Platform.

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Provider: StreamSets Data Collector
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StreamSets Data Collector
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