Azure is a provider of electronic payment and multi-channel CRM solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Azure replaced an MQ-based messaging platform with Solace, an upgrade which has translated into 500% more capacity and lower latency for their payments customers.

The capacity of the Solace appliance has enabled Azure to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of their system by consolidating many racks worth of servers and MQ licenses down to a small number of Solace appliances. The vertical scalability of Solace’s architecture enables Azure to keep up with growing demand and data volumes as e-payment processing becomes even more ubiquitous.

“Solace’s ability to guarantee the delivery of hundreds of thousands of messages a second with low latency is a perfect fit for our application. We found Solace’s solution extremely easy to deploy, operate and keep running thanks to its built-in fault tolerance, steady latency, and fine grained management tools.”