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The Connected Car Insurance USA Conference & Exhibition is the largest and most informative forum for executives from across the connected car and auto insurance industries.

3 months of independent research has uncovered the most pressing business and tech problems facing the auto insurance industry – telematics, connectivity, mobility, ADAS & autonomous

  • Riding the Digital Wave: Align investments to digitally re-platform from policy centre to agency centre. Unlock the power of advanced analytics, AI and on-demand services to establish a leadership position
  • Automating Claims: Slash hefty claims department running costs, expedite claims and enable self-service from claim submission to crash validation to decrease soft leakage (i.e. repair management & storage costs)
  • The Price of Autonomous Safety: Do more sensors makes sense? Calculate vehicle risk as advanced and expensive tech such as computer vision and omnidirectional cameras increases safety ratings and vehicle costs
  • Regulatory Roadblocks: Navigate a fragmented regulatory mine-field as data extraction and risk correlation filings vary on a state-by-state basis. Restructure compliancy departments to remain relevant in the digital age
  • UBI Ecosystem Expansion: As data suppliers (i.e. OEMs, telcos, mobile handset manufacturers & location-based app providers) move to monetize, prepare for game changing revisions of auto insurance pricing

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Chicago, IL United States

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