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GOTO Conference is a software development conference designed for developers, team leads, architects, and project managers and is organized “for developers by developers”.

On November 15, Solace’s Tom Fairbairn will give a talk entitled “Tasty ‘Topics’ for Distributed Systems: Novel Approaches Using Topic Filtering

Are you struggling to pick through large amounts of real time data? Does your IoT project create vast amounts of data and you don’t know how get actionable insights quickly enough? Did you consider the publish/subscribe pattern?

With some imagination, pub/sub can often provide surprisingly simple, efficient solutions. In this talk, I’ll highlight some interesting ways to apply pub/sub to some common problems:
• Migrating between data formats;
• Finding the nearest… thing;
• Replaying of the state of the world;
• Controlling third-party access to data;
• Monitoring the health of your pub/sub technology.

Venue information

Berlin Congress Center
Alexanderstraße 11
Berlin, 10178 Germany

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