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Case Study: Coates Hire Customer Success Story

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The Challenge They Faced Due to a lack of commercial off-the-shelf so ware that meets all the needs of the equipment rental industry, Coates Hire relies on a best-fit ecosystem, composed of integrated off-the-shelf and bespoke applica ons, with data replicated for other consuming systems in batch processes. As Coates Hire built up new digital customer engagement channels and introduced new streams of IIoT data for its equipment and field staff vehicles, it required a means to move to real- me integra on while also enabling developers to leverage that data without being slowed down by dependencies from other teams or SOA governance. With a project codenamed Mercury, Coates Hire is replacing batch processing with event-driven architecture, focusing on customer and order domains/events. The goal is to improve customer experience by integra ng legacy systems in real- me with more than 150 retail and workshop loca ons, call centres, sales, maintenance and transport field staff, partners and, of course, customers. This will be accomplished with IIoT, mobile and EDI-enabled informa on and commerce sites called MyCoatesHire and HireNow for customers, and tailored new opera onal systems. Why They Chose Solace Coates Hire had built a bespoke queueing system to meet their needs, but that created poten al vulnerabili es based on the efforts of a single employee. They have a big investment in Microso Azure so explored using a combina on of Azure-based messaging services, but realized they could more easily achieve all of their goals with just one tool (PubSub+ Cloud) for less money, larger payloads and more features at their disposal. They decided on custom-built adapters to connect to PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud services, with PubSub+ handling updates using queuing and fanning-out messages to diverse back-end systems and customer channels. This lets developers focus on business logic rather than the plumbing of applica on messaging. How They Benefited In general, Coates Hire expects to reduce the amount of me and effort it takes to integrate new applica ons with legacy systems, and free up entrenched data for consump on by all – including their analy cal systems. One of the biggest benefits of doing so will be improving customer sa sfac on and reten on by giving customers easier access to more real- me informa on through all channels. They also improved business con nuity by removing the risk associated with home-grown messaging infrastructure. Finally, implemen ng IIoT across their enterprise will let them more effec vely "track and trace" rental and logis cal equipment, and improve the efficiency of logis cs and maintenance services they offer internally and to their partners. Coates Hire uses event-driven architecture to offer renters of industrial equipment and vehicles an exceptional experience FAST FACTS Coates Hire rents out more than 1 million pieces of equipment and provides industrial and engineering services throughout Australia, addressing construc on, infrastructure, mining, and event projects. Their Challenge A homegrown approach to integra ng bespoke and off-the-shelf applica ons had led to a system built on batch processing that was rife with point bridges, making it difficult to offer customers real- me informa on and the frequent introduc on or new online features more frequently. How Solace Helped Integra ng legacy and new systems with PubSub+, and being able to add IIoT to the mix, is helping Coates Hire improve the efficiency of their opera on and be er serve customers. In Their Words "Our goal is to get reliable, safe and smart equipment in the hands of customers who need to get things done, when and where they need it. By making informa on available in the same way, in an event-driven manner, PubSub+ helps us inform and equip our customers so they can achieve their goals." Customer Success Story

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