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The Challenge They Faced TAB aims to establish a leadership posi on in the area of small business lending, and to become the preferred banking back-end that FinTech firms use to offer services. Toward that end, they've built an ESB with Muleso to implement digital banking so they can expand their retail and business banking services footprint. TAB believes it will be easier to expose more robust endpoints to customers if they use asynchronous, decoupled interac ons, so they wanted to complement their ESB's synchronous API-centric delivery mechanism with event-driven architecture, specifically an event mesh that can expose asynchronous event-driven endpoints to their FinTech partners. Why They Chose Solace They had considered a SaaS or open source solu on, but a er exploring several op ons they decided to underpin their ESB with PubSub+ Pla orm because they wanted an enterprise-grade event management pla orm backed by enterprise-grade support. The specific factors that led to them to select Solace were: • Rich replay func onality • A unfied dashboard for monitoring and management • Proven process for migra ng resources from one environment to another • Excellent support How They Benefited PubSub+ decouples TAB's applica ons so they can easily scale their system, and eliminates the need to either poll endpoints or wait for batch-based data delivery. TAB expects that by doing so, PubSub+ will help them more quickly build and bring to market offerings that meet the rapidly-evolving needs of fast moving FinTechs. They also believe the solu on will improve the availability, reliability and overall quality of those offerings. Finally, they expect to save the cost of the full me employee it would take to build, customize and maintain a homegrown middleware layer. TAB Bank Aims to Provide Best Banking Backend for FinTech by Tapping into Power of EDA FAST FACTS TAB Bank was founded in 1998 as a banking service focused on the logis cs industry, and today provides custom working capital solu ons (e.g., revolving loans, A/R financing, lines of credit) to businesses in many industries. Their Challenge TAB wants to move into small business lending and become the banking back- end FinTech companies use to offer their services. How Solace Helped TAB is using PubSub+ to create an event mesh that gets data streaming between their own systems and those of customers and partners. In Their Words "We're using Solace for asynchronous interac ons between 54 microservices, and to power efficient event-driven communica ons that create loans and generate loan documents." "Over the next five years we will work Solace when we're reaching out to new partners, when we're growing our infrastructure, when we're adding more microservices, more RP-Bots, IoT Technologies, more blockchain, more integra on and orchestra on, etc." Customer Success Story

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