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Big 4 Australian Bank Customer Success Story

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The Australian government has mandated that the banks improve their payment processing capabili es under the Na onal Payments Processing ini a ve because of incidents involving system outages, delayed or lost transac ons and more. As more enterprises and industries accept electronic forms of payment and Austra- lians become used to not carrying cash, this volume is expected to grow. As a result the bank needed to make sure they had a rock-solid solu on in place to support this growth and be agile enough to accommodate new market trends. Why They Picked Solace The bank was a long- me IBM shop, so very experienced with MQ. They conducted a comprehensive bake off, and Solace came out on top because MQ couldn't scale to support the tens of thousands of connec ons required for the microservices approach they wanted to take, and their failover mes were much longer than Solace – hours vs. minutes. They also had experience with Ka a – both the open source and Confluent varie es – but experienced enough issues that they weren't confident trus ng it with their mission-cri cal payment processing. How They Benefited The first thing they no ced when they deployed their service was that it required 30% less instances than the previous system, which happens to support three mes as many transac- ons per second as the old applica on. They also observed an 80% increase in performance in processing me, and have found their new system to be more robust, which has reduced outages and lost payments. Finally, their new microservices-based system has made them more agile so they can more quickly respond to new market developments and business requirements. Their Problem They needed to modernize their payment processing to sa sfy a government mandate. How Solace Helped They used Solace technology to upgrade their monolithic payment processing applica on to a microservices-based approach. Big 4 Australian Bank Modernizing payment processing through event-driven architecture FAST FACTS

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