Microsoft hitches to the AMQP wagon

This past week Microsoft announced that they have joined the AMQP working group, throwing support behind the grass-roots AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) movement popular with application developers in financial services, telecom and cloud computing.

Microsoft sells a long-standing proprietary messaging product called MSMQ and has been a driving force behind the WS-ReliableMessaging standard accepted by OASIS in 2007.

So why support AMQP now? Microsoft says in the press release that this is in response to customer demand (probably true) and a display of their commitment to openness, interoperability and customer choice (politicians aren’t the only ones that know how to spin).

The truth is Microsoft is not a significant player in the messaging space which has long been dominated by IBM, Tibco and JMS products (from Sun and others). Messaging is a highly heterogeneous problem, and MSMQ adoption has been Windows only. Most of the WS-standards stalled out about two years ago.… Read the rest