Baseball, the cloud, and big data

As the release of the upcoming movie Moneyball approaches, it’s inevitable that we’ll be hearing much more about baseball’s sabermetrics. ReadWriteWeb is out front of the topic with a nice article today on How Big Data and the iPad have Fundamentally Changed Baseball.

This article ties together three of my favorite topics – big data analytics, cloud computing infrastructure and baseball. Take a look at the iPad dashboard at right and think about a starting pitcher and catcher sitting together on a flight using this kind of highly-visual tool to decide how to pitch each hitter. Now think about the rudimentary paper-based systems from five or ten years ago. Which pitcher has the edge? I’m sure that comparable data exists for batters on pitcher’s tendencies and release points, but it does appear that the overwhelming advantage of this technology favors the pitcher/catcher game plan.

But do the results back up the theory?… Read the rest