Transparency in performance testing = benchmarks that work for buyers

Earlier this week, Solace in partnership with Arista and NetEffect released the test results of a collaboration to drive latency out of high-volume, high-speed market data configurations. These test results generated a lot of attention in the financial services sector not just because of the excellent results but also for the way we reported the benchmark by providing the statistical data customers need to interpret the results in a meaningful way.

Far too many benchmarks cherry pick and publish the good test results and obfuscate the unflattering ones. Worse still are the benchmarks that are designed solely to generate impressive performance results, but bear no resemblance to anything a customer could use. Those benchmarks are a disservice to the industry. They waste the time of the prospect and put the vendor on the defensive as the prospect digs to get the rest of the story, or as they fail to deliver the same results in a proof of concept.… Read the rest