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Case Study: Grasshopper Customer Success Story

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Grasshopper's Key to Success Grasshopper transacts thousands of trades each day, which adds up to over $500 billion in no onal value for their clients every month. They've established themselves as a key provider of liquidity in equity and futures markets around the globe, and a designated market maker on the JPX, the SGX, and CME Group's op ons and futures exchange. The key to Grasshopper's success is embracing cu ng-edge technologies that let them provide differen ated services to their customers. Grasshopper has trusted Solace technology as the data movement founda on of their low latency trading system since 2011, and recently turned to Solace to help enable predic ve trading. Why they Chose Solace Grasshopper is working with Google to feed real- me pricing data into predic ve trading algorithms powered by Apache Beam and TensorFlow, all running in Google Cloud Pla orm. This introduced the need to establish real- me data flow between on-premises and cloud environments. To meet this need, Grasshopper selected PubSub+ for its WAN op miza on, built-in fault tolerance and high availability. How they Benefited Improved speed and sophis ca on of their trading by having a machine learning bot analyze live market data and provide insights that help their traders make smart moves. Increased on-demand scalability while maintaining their strict latency, performance and connec vity requirements. Cost-effec vely complemented the exper se of their algo/ quant developers by adding the automa on and insights of machine learning without expanding their on-prem infrastructure. Grasshopper enables faster, more sophisticated trading by incorporating AI into their trading systems. FAST FACTS Grasshopper is a Singaporean trading firm that transacts over $500 billion a month and is a designated market maker on several top exchanges. Their Problem Grasshopper wanted to enhance their trading services by incorpora ng cloud-based machine learning into their trading system. How Solace Helped Grasshopper used PubSub+ to build an event mesh that incorporates cloud- na ve AI/ML services into their trading system by linking systems across cloud and on-premises environments. IN THEIR WORDS "Solace provides the reliable, robust event distribu on we need to exchange all kinds of real- me market data and transac ons across many exchanges." "Our decision to use PubSub+ to incorporate cloud-based machine learning into our system was easy given Solace's hybrid cloud capabili es." LEARN MORE On-Premises Systems Runner SolaceIO Customer Success Story

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