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PubSub+ Mission Control delivers enterprise-grade event streaming within and across public clouds, virtual private clouds, and on-premises, using PubSub+ event brokers to build an event mesh.​
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Event Brokers​

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PubSub+ Insights delivers centralized, out-of-the-box, proactive monitoring for PubSub+ Mission Control services to monitor the health and optimize the performance of the event-driven system.​

PubSub+ Event Portal gives developers and architects tools to design, describe and discover events within their system, and to see the relationships between applications and events, making event-driven applications and microservices easier to design, deploy and evolve.

PubSub+ Event Streaming APIs and Integrations provide a variety of on-ramps and off-ramps to the mesh, including support for open standard protocols and APIs (MQTT, AMQP, JMS, REST) as well as proprietary messaging APIs to connect legacy and modern applications, edge streaming technologies (StreamSets, Striim, Adaptris) to integrate 3rd party applications, and connectors for iPaaSs like SAP and Dell Boomi, and technologies like Kafka.

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PubSub+ Platform enables messaging architectures that deliver consistent multi-protocol client authentication and authorization security across the enterprise, deeply integrated with enterprise authentication services using a minimal set of components.
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A cloud-based console that enables architects, developers and other users to access the PubSub+ Platform to work, collaborate, and drive the enterprise’s EDA mission forward.​

  • Deploy and link brokers to form a global, dynamically routed event mesh​
  • Define, manage and govern events
  • Monitor event mesh performance​

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A Solace-enabled event mesh makes innovation possible by streaming events from across your organization and IoT assets to the applications and services that need them—regardless of what language they are written in and where they are located (on-premises, a private cloud, a VPC, or the Public Cloud.)

Events are the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Want to improve employee and customer experiences and operational efficiency? Then events must flow freely and easily across every environment and component of your digital enterprise.

But in-motion events are only the beginning of innovation. You’ll need your application development teams to be writing event-driven applications so they can take advantage of the continual stream of events.

Enter the event mesh.

Enter the event mesh

To stream events across your organization you’ll need a technology layer that Gartner calls an event mesh.

And to become successful at event-driven application development, your organization will need a way to discover, govern, manage and monitor all your events.

Solace PubSub+ Event Platform equips your organization to do both. It’s a manifestation of the two values we’ve lived by over the last 20 years: craftsmanship and transparency.

We believe data movement without boundaries will propel the event-driven future. And we believe PubSub+ Platform is the mission control center for the innovators architecting this future.

COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented trading volumes and volatility, but even as we’ve climbed from 65 billion messages a day to over 95 billion, we’ve had no outages or degradations in performance in our critical market data and messaging applications. Our Solace messaging and eventing platform took the data increases in stride.”

Used by 6 of the 10 world’s biggest investment banks and 3 of the top 6 FX trading banks, Solace PubSub+ meets the diverse data movement needs of banks, capital markets participants, and exchanges.

Joshua Carroll

Joshua Carroll

Global Head of Market Data & Messaging Technology, RBC Capital Markets

How does Solace enable an event mesh?

Solace enables an event mesh with PubSub+, our advanced event brokers. You create an event mesh with Solace by deploying PubSub+ in any/all your environments (public/private clouds, on premises), and then connecting them, at which point all applications, microservices, cloud services, SaaS, iPaaS and legacy systems connected to an event broker in the mesh will be instantly and continuously connected with one another.

Events will become the life blood of the modern enterprise. Businesses that will lead in innovation, client experience, and efficiency will be those that enable events to flow freely and easily across every environment and component of the digital enterprise.”

Shawn Mcallister

Shawn McAllister

Chief Technology Officer, Solace

What makes a Solace-enabled event mesh unique?

Solace-enabled event mesh - dynamic


A Solace-enabled event mesh built is self-routing, self-learning and self-healing, enabling the automated and efficient transmission of events between producer and consumer applications, wherever they run. Dynamic Message Routing creates an “internet of events” that automatically routes events between applications and devices connected to separate event brokers, which can live in different cloud and on-premises environments. It saves operators the hassle of manually configuring connections between producer and consumer applications running in different environments.

Solace-enabled event mesh - open


An event mesh built with Solace provides native support for multiple open protocols and APIs, providing unparalleled flexibility to develop modern, cloud-native applications. PubSub+ provides native support for popular open standard protocols and APIs, including REST/HTTP, AMQP 1.0, MQTT, WebSocket and JMS, so developers don’t have to worry about how their app or microservice will communicate with other apps using different protocols/APIs.

Solace-enabled event mesh - simple


PubSub+ makes deploying, managing and monitoring PubSub+ event brokers easy. Users can deploy a hybrid and multi-cloud Solace-enabled event mesh with a click of their mouse, and manage it centrally in the cloud.

“Open banking, hybrid cloud and Kubernetes support…”

TAB Bank has served customers for 22 years, all without ever opening a physical branch. They chose Solace PubSub+ to create a hybrid event mesh that will underpin their continuous digital innovation.

One platform. Three options.​

PubSub+ Event Broker:

​A developer’s playground. For free and in less than 90 seconds, you can start sending up to 500 messages/second. ​​Get started with web-scale messaging as a service, on-demand in your favorite public clouds.

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PubSub+ Event Broker: Software

PubSub+ Event Broker:

Two editions: Free and Enterprise. Our free IaaS and PaaS-ready 10,000 message/second alternative to open source supports pub/sub, queuing, request/reply and streaming, all with high availability and disaster recovery.

Compare them

PubSub+ Event Broker: Hardware

PubSub+ Event Broker:

PubSub+ appliances can securely route millions of messages/second with microseconds of latency, all with the low TCO of a turnkey appliance that will likely clear some space in your server room.

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Proven in the most demanding use cases

Airtel and Solace video

By the numbers


billion messages processed by RBC Capital Markets each day


million citizens connected in India


% reliability of PubSub+ appliance pair


million point-to-point messages/second with fan-out

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