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How? With event-driven architecture.

What is event-driven architecture?

Event-driven architecture (EDA) is a software design pattern in which decoupled applications can asynchronously publish and subscribe to events via an event broker (modern messaging-oriented-middleware). The key benefits of EDA for modern applications and microservices are improved scalability, agility and resilience.

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EDA is made up of three key components

EDA is made up of three key components:
event producers, event broker, and event consumers

Event mesh is a network of event brokers

Event mesh is a network of event brokers that can act like a central nervous system for events that occur across your distributed enterprise

The problem

But adopting event-driven architecture can be challenging when…

The problem

1You have a variety of IT and OT distributed across hybrid, multi-cloud and IoT environments.

2You have a legacy estate and architecture that was not designed for events.

3Tooling and best practices to design, deploy, manage, and govern events and event-driven architecture are scarce…

The solution

We make event-driven architecture easier
to adopt, manage, and scale


Leverage our technology

PubSub+ Platform gives you everything you need to design, deploy, manage, visualize, and govern event-driven architecture across hybrid, multi-cloud and IoT environments.

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We’ve been helping enterprises adopt, manage and leverage EDA for decades. We offer expert architecture, planning and implementation services that can help you build a strong EDA foundation, tackle unique challenges, and meet specific goals on time and on budget.

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Build your internal

In addition to detailed docs, tutorials and demos, we publish tested methodologies and best practices for EDA and event-driven microservices, and offer both free and paid training programs and certifications on Solace technology.

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