Our work connects the world

Behind the scenes of everyday life, applications and connected devices generate billions of “events.” These events enable the connected world around you. They ensure the train you’re riding safely reaches its destination, and they allow you to monitor your child’s data usage or make secure credit card payments, to name a few examples.

You don’t want to know these events are happening—you just want the smooth experience, and you want it regardless of if you’re caught in a massive storm or it’s Black Friday.

These events need to efficiently move through hundreds of applications that are written in many different languages, using different APIs, and leveraging different protocols. If they don’t? Applications and systems fail, and connected “things” can’t connect. Oh, and much of the global financial services sector comes to a grinding halt.

Sound important? Maybe even cool? We think so too!

Some refer to this foundational data movement technology as “plumbing,” but we see the outcome of connecting up event “brokers” as the creation of an event mesh— an architectural layer that seamlessly gets events from where they occur to where they need to be.

We build that event broker technology and enable the event mesh that powers the connected world around you. And we’ve been dedicated to the art and science of this craft since 2001.