While most organizations have basic event processing infrastructure — such as notification services, message buses, and event brokers — many don’t have the high-level productivity tooling that helps developers design, develop, test and manage event-centric applications. Nor do they have tools for governing, publishing and managing event-based interfaces. The market for these types of tools is sparse.”1

The event-driven future is here. What’s holding you back?

Creating Event Driven Applications is hard. There is a lack of tooling to discover, create, share and manage events. There’s no easy way to govern events. DIY solutions are brittle, complex and take up too much of your time. If these are familiar challenges, PubSub+ Event Portal is going to make your life infinitely better.

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Introducing PubSub+ Event Portal

A single place to design, create, discover, share, secure and manage all of the events within your ecosystem.

Design and Code apps and events faster
Step by step guidance to create a new app, event, and schema.

Govern the Mayhem
Understand your event-driven data lineage and data sharing and audit your runtime environment for design deviations.

Share and reuse events
Access existing events using a searchable catalog for easy reuse with other apps and schemas.

Why PubSub+ Event Portal

Expedite Event Integration
Discover all events within your ecosystem internal and external to your enterprise.


Create new use cases
View and build relationships between apps, events and schemas using a leading-edge choreography view that will identify use cases yet to be discovered.

Manage the Full Lifecycle of Events
within your Ecosystem

Visualize the event flow in your ecosystem. Reuse events and innovate by creating new use cases for your enterprise.

Built for everyone that supports and leverages your event-driven architecture

  • Developers:
    Discover and reuse events across applications, lines of business and between external organizations.
  • Architects:
    Define, discuss and review the data structure of the events.
  • Operations Managers:
    Audit runtime for design deviations.
  • Data Officers:
    Understand your event-driven data lineage and data sharing.

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