Event Management is new.
It’s like API Management for your
Event-Driven Architecture.

Up to now, there have been no tools to design your asynchronous events like you do your APIs. Without tooling, there’s no place for your architects and developers to collaborate, it’s hard to keep documentation up to date, and complex to model changes without impacting downstream applications.

This is why we created the PubSub+ Event Portal!

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Unlock the full value of event-driven architecture with PubSub+ Event Portal

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Rideshare Application Development: PubSub+ Event Portal Use Case Demo

PubSub+ Event Portal is that single place where you can:

  • Visualize, optimize, and govern event flow across your distributed enterprise
  • Design events and event-driven apps, with best practices built-in
  • Discover and catalog events from across the business

Discover, Visualize and Catalog Your Kafka Event Streams

Discover, Visualize and Catalog Your Kafka Event Streams

You may be thinking, “Event Portal sounds great, but we use Kafka brokers, not Solace”.

Well, we’ve got good news! PubSub+ Event Portal has a flexible discovery agent, and you don’t need Solace event brokers to use it, it can discover your Kafka streams.

With any large enterprise, there’s more at play than just Kafka native applications. You’ve got cloud providers, legacy systems, and IoT devices that have event streams that need to be managed. PubSub+ Event Portal for Kafka can manage these heterogeneous event streams and make it easy for your enterprise to discover, visualize, catalog, and share your Apache Kafka event streams, including those from Confluent and Amazon MSK.

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Solace Event Portal for
Apache Kafka

Discover, Catalog, Design, and Govern your
Kafka Data Streams

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Define, discuss and review data definitions and applications relationships

Why Architects Need an Event Portal


Discover, understand and reuse events across applications, lines of business and between external organizations.

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Unlock the full business value of event data.

Understanding the Concept of an Event Portal

The event-driven future is here. What’s holding you back?

Creating Event Driven Applications is hard. There is a lack of tooling to discover, create, share and manage events. There’s no easy way to govern events. DIY solutions are brittle, complex and take up too much of your time. If these are familiar challenges, PubSub+ Event Portal is going to make your life infinitely better.

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