What can you do with PubSub+ Event Portal?

The market’s first event management toolset to design, create, discover, catalog, share, visualize, secure and manage all the events in your enterprise

More Quickly Create Events and Event-Driven Apps
Step by step guidance to create a new app, event, and schema.

Govern the Mayhem
Understand your event-driven data lineage and data sharing, and audit your runtime environment for design deviations.

Share and Reuse Events
Access existing events using a searchable catalog for easy reuse with other apps.

Expedite Event Integration
Discover all events within your ecosystem internal and external to your enterprise.


Identify New Use Cases
View and build relationships between apps, events and schemas using a leading-edge choreography view that will satisfy use cases yet to be discovered.

Manage the Full Lifecycle of Events Within Your Ecosystem

  • Define and model event-driven systems
  • Visualize existing relationships
  • Develop consistent event-driven applications
  • Discover and share events of interest
  • Govern the event-driven system
  • Integrate with 3rd-party systems for programmatic interactions
  • Manage and audit changes to events, schemas, and applications
  • Runtime event discovery (in Preview)

See Event Portal in Action

See Event Portal in Action

We strive to help radiation oncology clinicians focus on their patients. An event-driven architecture will allow us to integrate systems in a much more dynamic way that otherwise takes up the clinician’s attention and time. But we hadn’t found a tool in the market that allowed us to model our next generation architecture and communicate clearly about it internally. That’s why we’re excited that Solace is bringing to market PubSub+ Event Portal.

We are convinced it will reduce the time it takes to design the next generation of integrated treatment delivery architecture.

The Event Portal allows us to focus where it matters.”

Stuart J Swerdloff

Fellow Elekta

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Messaging Services – One Enterprise Developer Service with up to 100 connections/queues, 8 Gbps of throughput and 2 GB of storage

Event Portal – 10 Users and 500 objects (an object is defined as an event, schema, and app)

PubSub+ Event Portal Dashboard Screenshot

Built for everyone that supports and leverages your event-driven architecture

  • Architects:
    Define, discuss and review the events, data definitions and application relationships.
  • Developers:
    Discover, understand and reuse events across applications, lines of business and between external organizations.
  • Data Scientists:
    Understand your event-driven data and discover new insights by combining events.

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The event-driven future is here. What’s holding you back?

Creating Event Driven Applications is hard. There is a lack of tooling to discover, create, share and manage events. There’s no easy way to govern events. DIY solutions are brittle, complex and take up too much of your time. If these are familiar challenges, PubSub+ Event Portal is going to make your life infinitely better.

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