Event Driven Applications, Architecture and Governance Made Easier

The asynchronous, event-driven world is a difficult one. The lack of tooling has led to brittle, complex, and downright frustrating DIY solutions. With PubSub+ Event Portal, you can get away from those outdated PowerPoint, Excel, and Visio files and design your event-driven applications, events, and schemas in one place – one tool that allows you to visualize, share, discover, catalog, and reuse event streams.

When you deploy your events and event-driven applications, PubSub+ Event Portal makes it easy to see if the design is in sync with reality in runtime. All in one place – your wish has come true!

Event Portal의 사용 사례 보기

Event Portal의 사용 사례 보기

PubSub+ Event Portal의 기능

Discover and audit runtime event streams

  • Use a runtime discovery agent to easily scan event streams from Apache Kafka brokers and other Kafka distributions from Confluent and Amazon MSK
  • Run subsequent scans to audit runtime and ensure consistency with intended design
  • Organize and enrich discovered data in the staging workspace to prepare it for import into Designer and Catalog

기존 관계 시각화

  • Event flows between application domains or organizations
  • Application interactions
  • Payload schema to event relationships

Event-driven 시스템 정의 및 모델링

  • Organize your systems into application domains
  • Create and/or import payload schema definitions in a variety of formats
  • Create events and their topic structure
  • Design each application’s asynchronous pub/sub interface
  • Define event interactions between all applications or microservices

Integrate with 3rd-party systems using Event Portal’s REST API

  • Bulk import existing EDA models
  • Integrate with CI/CD Pipelines

Manage and audit changes to events, schemas and apps

  • Make updates to existing apps, events and schemas to create new revisions
  • Roll back to previous object revision
  • Create new versions of apps, events and schemas by starting from the latest revision of an existing version
  • Undo accidentally deleted objects
  • Audit and track changes by individual users

Govern your event-driven system

  • Understand the lineage of event data
  • Determine the downstream impact of upcoming changes to apps, events and schemas
  • Control consumption of events across teams/ application domains

일관된 Event-driven 애플리케이션을 신속하게 개발

  • Generate and export AsyncAPI 2.0.0 specifications
  • Use code generators from the AsynchAPI Open source community to generate code for your applications from the generated specification

새로운 사용 사례 생성

  • View and build relationships between apps and schemas using a leading-edge choreography view
  • Identify new use cases yet to be discovered

Discover, Visualize and Catalog Your Kafka Event Streams

You may be thinking, “Event Portal sounds great, but we use Kafka brokers, not Solace”.

Well, we’ve got good news! PubSub+ Event Portal has a flexible discovery agent, and you don’t need Solace event brokers to use it, it can discover your Kafka streams.

With any large enterprise, there’s more at play than just Kafka native applications. You’ve got cloud providers, legacy systems, and IoT devices that have event streams that need to be managed. PubSub+ Event Portal for Kafka can manage these heterogeneous event streams and make it easy for your enterprise to discover, visualize, catalog, and share your Apache Kafka event streams, including those from Confluent and Amazon MSK.

Learn more about Event Portal for Kafka

PubSub+ Event Portal
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Event Portal – 150 Editor Users and 15,000 objects (an object is defined as an event, schema, or app)

PubSub+ Event Portal 대시보드 스크린샷

Event-driven 아키텍처를 지원하고 활용하는 모든 사람을 위해 구축하기


Define, discuss and review data definitions and applications relationships

Why Architects Need an Event Portal


Discover, understand and reuse events across applications, lines of business and between external organizations.

Why Developers Need an Event Portal

Data Scientists

Event-driven 데이터를 이해하고, 이벤트를 조합하여 새로운 인사이트를 발견할 수 있습니다.

Understanding the Concept of an Event Portal

Elekta는 방사선종양학 전문의가 환자에게 더욱 집중할 수 있도록 돕는 기업입니다. Event-driven 아키텍처는 동적 시스템 통합을 가능하게 하여 임상의의 시간과 노력을 절감해 줍니다. 지금까지는 내부적으로 차세대 아키텍처를 모델링하고 이에 대해 명확한 의사소통을 할 수 있는 도구가 시장에 존재하지 않았기 때문에 Solace의 PubSub+ Event Portal 출시는 더욱 반가운 일입니다.

저희는 PubSub+ Event Portal이 차세대 통합 치료 제공 아키텍처 설계에 소요되는 시간을 단축할 것이라고 믿습니다.

Event Portal 덕분에 중요한 사안에 집중할 수 있게 되었습니다."

Stuart J. Swerdloff

펠로우 Elekta

Event-driven 미래가 다가왔는데, 아직도 망설이고 있나요?

Event-driven 애플리케이션 제작은 어렵습니다. Event를 발견하고 생성하고 공유하며 관리할 수 있는 도구가 없습니다. Event를 제어하기가 쉽지 않습니다. DIY 솔루션은 불안정하고 복잡하며 지나치게 많은 시간을 소요합니다. 이러한 문제를 겪고 계시다면 PubSub+ Event Portal로 업무의 질을 대폭 향상할 수 있습니다.

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