Keep Events Flowing at Peak Efficiency ​

  1. Detect potential issues before they have a negative impact​
  2. Recover quickly with real-time alerts and dashboards​
  3. Monitor performance for optimization and capacity planning​
Solace PubSub+ Insights Demo

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Always Know What’s Happening​

Hundreds of real-time and historical metrics for your event broker services, plus logs to help analyze, debug, or troubleshoot your applications

System Health

  • Availability of resources, mesh health, HA and message spool
  • Visual indicators and alerts when KPIs are approached or exceeded
  • Advanced dashboards for capacity, message flow trends, queues, RDP, topic endpoints, and bridges 

Application Insights

  • Event-driven application health and performance – what’s being published to and consumed from the broker, watching for message flows and consumption to spot missmatches
  • Preconfigured best-practices dashboards to find and fix common issues
  • Create custom dashboards for specific uses cases or KPIs

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