Why PubSub+ Insights?​

  1. Detect potential issues before they have a negative impact​
  2. Recover quickly with real-time alerts and dashboards​
  3. Monitor performance for optimization and capacity planning​

How Can PubSub+ Insights Help?​

PubSub+ Insights handles:

  • Handles log events and metrics​
  • Features pre-configured thresholds and alerts for faster adoption​
  • Is offered as a service for hands-off deployment​

PubSub+ Insights Delivers:​

System Health​

  • Health, system KPI, lifecycle events​
  • Basic Messaging KPIs ​
  • Email alerts on basic KPIs​
  • Real-time debugging events​

Application Insights​

  • Insights into the health of your applications in the context of event broker services​
  • Detailed dashboards for application message VPN KPIs​