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Aly video for Career page

Aly loves how Solace
helps him find his passion

I'm super grateful that Solace has given me the flexibility to migrate from software development to my new customer-facing role. I love helping customers feel comfortable about what they can achieve with our products.
Aly Rasmy Customer Enablement
Our product is one I can be passionate about.
Connor video for Career page

Connor loves Solace’s
connected family-like culture

Not only does our product connect things together forming an event mesh, but the way our company culture is, we're all very connected, we care about each other a lot... it's like a big family.
Connor Moss Quality Assurance
Solace is flexible, fun... and a family!
Rose video for Career page

Rose loves Solace’s
culture of collaboration

I came to Solace as a contractor but fell in love with the people. We solve problems, dig up issues, and everybody gets together and works on a resolution. It's a fantastic opportunity to really work together.
Rose Cain Business Operations
We really care about the people here.
Kevin video for Career page

Kevin loves Solace’s use of
modern tools and techniques

I started as a co-op student 12 years ago, and I'm happy to be back leading a team of 11 developers. I like that I get to work with cutting-edge technologies and processes like continuous integration with continuous delivery, and a kanban process for delivering our projects.
Kevin Lidstone Development Manager
Solace is a company that cares.
Velia video for Career page

Velia loves interacting with
Solacians on different teams

I really enjoy having contact with different stakeholders as part of defining and building our technical product. Another thing I like is getting to play soccer with the team! I would describe Solace as a company that cares, and a humble company.
Velia Diaz Vizcarra Product Owner
Solaces cares about building the best product we can.
Ed video for Career page

Ed obviously loves working for Solace...
he's been here over 15 years!

I'm in charge of the architecture and development of our brokers, APIs and more. I'm very proud of the customers we have that rely on our product every day. I'd say we are honest, fun, and care about doing a good job and building the best product we can.
Ed Funnekotter VP of Engineering

What does Solace do, and why does it matter?

We enable the event mesh that powers the connected world around you. We’ve helped many of the world’s leading companies embrace events and seize the opportunities associated with the real-time, event-driven exchange of information.

Behind the scenes of everyday life, applications and connected devices continuously generate “events” that enable the connected world around you. They ensure the train you’re riding safely reaches its destination, and they allow you to monitor your child’s data usage or make secure credit card payments.

These events need to flow between applications, devices and user interfaces that speak different languages and run in different cloud, datacenter and IoT environments. If they don’t, processes stall out, systems fail, user interfaces don’t respond, and all of those “smart” appliances aren’t so smart anymore.

We make sure that never happens by providing a state-of-the-art event streaming and management platform that makes it easy for enterprises to get event-driven information flowing across their enterprise and ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers. Because every second businesspeople, executives and IT pros spend worrying about data movement is time not spent innovating the user experience and future of their companies.

Benefits of Being a “Solacian”

Health & Wellness

  • Take care of yourself and your family with our excellent insurance and benefit plans.
  • Stay active by participating in activities like table tennis, yoga and a running club.

World-class People

  • Work with some of the smartest, hardest working people in the tech space.
  • Be part of a collaborative, diverse, supportive work family.

Work that Works for You

  • At Solace, your family and personal fulfillment comes first.
  • Flexible work schedules let “you do you” so you can do your best work and live your best life.

Make an Impact
on the World!

  • Help advance the state of the art and improve the way organizations serve their customers.
  • Help us help the community by participating in charitable events and programs.

Be the CEO
of your Career!

  • Advance your career thanks to level-up coaching and a sophisticated mentoring program.
  • Grow your skills through a free LinkedIn Learning account and various training opportunities.

Experience Our Great
Camaraderie & Culture!

  • Join our weekly social hours, monthly “cake & pie” parties, and team-building events.
  • Learn about other cultures through holiday parties that celebrate the diversity of our workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission at Solace is to enable the connected world. We do that through our technology and by creating meaningful, authentic relationships with our customers, partners and employees. We believe that diversity in all of its forms drives innovation and growth, both in business and in life. This is why we strive to create an enriching and safe workplace where you can be who you are.

It is only because of you that we can be us.

If you want to do the best work of your career and feel supported every step of the way, we encourage you to join us.

8,000 Words* About Our Cool Culture

From weekly TGIFs and monthly parties to community service and cultural & team-
building events, we have as much fun playing together as we do working together.
(*A picture’s worth a thousand of them, right?)

Solace Culture

Solace is a great place to work!

Solace Culture

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Solace Culture

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Solace Culture

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