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Airbus has selected Solace as the real time digital foundation of its “Network of Platforms” transformation initiative, aiming to accelerate its operations and to enhance manufacturing productivity.


Airtel has defined Solace as their enterprise-wide messaging technology for use cases that involve the distribution of business-critical, high-volume or time-sensitive information.
Financial Services

Akuna Capital

Solace technology has given Akuna Capital a fast, scalable and fully redundant infrastructure that allows them to focus resources on optimizing their differentiating trading strategies.
Transportation & Logistics


From high-speed trains, metros, monorails, trams, to turnkey systems, services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility, Alstom offers its diverse customers the broadest portfolio in the industry.


ATG, Sweden’s #1 provider of horse racing, sporting and betting entertainment, uses Solace to stream real-time information and interactive services to bettors via their web site, mobile apps and partners.
Financial Services


Barclays uses Solace appliances to integrate applications spanning the front, middle and back office.


bet365 deployed Solace as the messaging middleware technology layer of its global operation.
Financial Services


Solace powers Bitbuy’s crypto exchange EDA backbone by offering reliability with low latency for crypto event flows.
Financial Services Stock Exchanges

Bombay Stock Exchange

BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange) is India’s leading exchange group, and has played a prominent role in developing the Indian capital market.


Boomi, the intelligent connectivity and automation leader, is using Solace to enable real-time event streaming across the applications and cloud services they use to run and differentiate their business.
Capital Markets

C3 Post Trade

C3 replaced their messaging layer with PubSub+ Event Broker in order to improve the availability of their system and to support their event-driven communications between old and new technologies.
Transportation & Logistics


CargoSmart uses Solace technology to create a "digital twin" of their complex network of control centers and vessels so they can simulate the effects of responses to emerging or potential situations.