Airtel has defined Solace as their enterprise-wide messaging technology for use cases that involve the distribution of business-critical, high-volume or time-sensitive information.
Akuna Capital

Akuna Capital

Solace technology has given Akuna Capital a fast, scalable and fully redundant infrastructure that allows them to focus resources on optimizing their differentiating trading strategies.


ATG, Sweden’s leading provider of horse racing, sporting and betting entertainment, uses Solace to reliably offer bettors real-time information and interactive services via their web site, mobile apps and partners.


Barclays uses Solace appliances to integrate applications spanning the front, middle and back office. By consolidating all messaging needs onto the platform, Barclays simplified their infrastructure while reducing licensing, datacenter, development and support costs.


bet365 deployed Solace as the messaging middleware technology layer of its global operation. “It’s critical we can respond to requests from our users quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are in the world. Solace gives us a highly available service that enables us to transfer data in close to real-time speeds.”
Cargosmart Logo Featured Image


CargoSmart uses PubSub+ to establish reliable IoT connections between vessels, control centers and applications running in diverse cloud and on-premises environments. Solace’s advanced event broker technology efficiently routes real-time information using a variety of message exchange patterns, APIs and protocols, giving ocean shippers the immediate insight they need to improve shipment processes.


Cobalt, which aims to reduce the cost, risk and complexity of Foreign Exchange post-trade processing, is using Solace to facilitate the event-driven flow of information by leveraging blockchain-inspired distributed ledger technology.
CORE Transport Technologies


CORE uses Solace's advanced event broker technology to help the U.S. Postal Service and the Department of Defense exchange real-time logistics data with global logistics suppliers.
Colour Credit Agricole

Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole has implemented Solace as part of its continuous investment in low latency electronic trading in FX, Rates and Bonds.
Fenics Logo

Fenics US Treasuries

"Solace is a key component of our global electronic trading solutions. Their unique ability to blend hardware and software principles into an effective platform makes it the underpinning of the world’s fastest US Treasuries marketplace."


FxPro is using Solace technology to increase the capacity, performance and robustness of the messaging infrastructure that powers its advanced trading platforms and customer-facing interfaces.
Grasshopper Logo Color


Grasshopper wanted to enhance their trading services by incorporating cloud-based machine learning into their trading system. Grasshopper used PubSub+ to build an event mesh that incorporates cloudnative AI/ML services into their trading system by linking systems across cloud and on-premises environments.
Groupe PSA

Groupe PSA

Thanks to PubSub+, Groupe PSA's connected vehicle platform enables advanced event-driven connectivity between millions of connected cars and diverse back-end systems with unmatched performance, robustness and scalability.
Group Renault 311x161

Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault has been making cars since 1898. It is an international multi-brand group, selling close to 3.76 million vehicles in 127 countries in 2017.
Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM)

Grupo Bursátil Mexicano

Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM), a leading Mexican investment and brokerage firm, uses a Solace-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to route a wide range of information between front, middle and back-office applications responsible for risk management, clearing, settlement and more.
L3harris Logo Featured Image


L3Harris is using Solace technology to enable the distribution of data as part of a NASA/NOAA climate monitoring satellite program.
Hong Kong Jockey Club

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Hong Kong Jockey Club is using Solace technology to improve the distribution of real-time odds and other information to their customers.


Jio, the world's largest mobile data network and India's fastest-growing telecommunications company, selected Solace as their messaging middleware appliance to support faster customer onboarding and provisioning.

Koine Finance

Koine is actively deploying a combination of PubSub+ appliances and software to enable faster integration and real-time data flow between its financial trading systems.
Korea Exchange (KRX)

Korea Exchange

KRX has selected Solace’s messaging appliances as the core data delivery infrastructure for their new high-speed exchange platform, called EXTURE+.
Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Singapore Land Transport Authority

Singapore Land Transport Authority has selected Solace as a key component of a Next-Generation Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system.
Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

Legal & General

Solace complemented LGIM’s EAI/SOA platform, giving them the flexibility to adapt and scale their infrastructure as they address new business needs.
Les Mousquetaires Logo Color

Les Mousquetaires

Les Mousquetaires is using Solace PubSub+ to build a new digital foundation that unifies the physical and e-commerce operations of brands such as InterMarché, BricoMarché, BricoCash, BricoRama, Netto, American Car Wash, and Roady.


With Solace, Liquidnet saw roundtrip latency drop by as much as 4 milliseconds, giving traders the confidence of knowing they have an up-to-date picture of liquidity.
London Capital Group (LCG)

London Capital Group

London Capital Group selected Solace to consolidate and upgrade the technology they use to distribute real-time price information to applications and traders throughout their business and around the world.
London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange Group

LSE Group uses Solace’s platform to provide a high throughput persistent messaging infrastructure for their downstream staging system. The Solace solution serves as a buffering layer or “shock absorber” between the real-time trading system and the business-critical downstream systems used for surveillance, data warehousing, post-trade processing and billing.
Menard Inc.


Menards uses Solace's advanced event broker technology for a variety of retail business operations throughout the Midwest.
Mercuria Energy Group Ltd

Mercuria Energy

Mercuria Energy uses Solace PubSub+ appliances to accelerate information flow within their datacenters and over the wide area network which connects them.
Msci Logo Color


The use of Solace PubSub+ messaging appliances has allowed MSCI to maintain its standards for scalability and availability while continuing to meet its needs for future growth.
Noaa Logo Color


Solace technology enables the communication of mission critical data as part of the GOES-R weather satellite system, which helps agencies and organizations track, predict and report on weather conditions.
National Stock Exchange of India

National Stock Exchange of India

The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. is the leading stock exchange in India and the second largest in the world.


The NETS Group is using Solace's message broker to securely route real-time transaction information and transform Singapore into a cashless economy.


Pico uses Solace appliances as the data distribution infrastructure within their Pico Quantitative Trading platform.

RBC Capital Markets

RBC Capital Markets has deployed Solace PubSub+ appliances to act as the message bus of their low latency trading platform.


PubSub+ helps SAP Cloud customers realize distributed hybrid cloud connectivity and meet the scale and throughput requirements of big data and IoT initiatives.
Spotex Logo


Spotex has selected Solace PubSub+ to serve as the low latency messaging foundation of their FX ECN.
Standard Chartered PLC

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered selected Solace to provide the messaging infrastructure for their next-generation foreign exchange trading platform, and as their new standard for high performance messaging.
TMX Group

TMX Group

TMX Group deployed Solace’s advanced event broker platform as the messaging backbone within their data dissemination plant, the core technology that performs the distribution of Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange data feeds.


TP ICAP implemented Solace as its global messaging and integration infrastructure in support of multiple lines of business and data services including fixed income, equities, energy, interest rates, commodities and market data distribution.
Triton Digital

Triton Digital

Triton uses Solace as the backbone of inter-application messaging for the real-time delivery of audio ads, continuous collection of client data usage metrics, and coordination of critical events.
Two Sigma

Two Sigma

Two Sigma implemented Solace PubSub+ in its core trading infrastructure, where the platform supports numerous application-based messaging functions. Solace’s technology reduced the datacenter footprint of Two Sigma’s messaging infrastructure while improving monitoring and management.
Unibet Logo Color


Unibet, which offers a comprehensive range of online gambling products such as sports betting, live betting, casino, poker, bingo and soft games, is using Solace’s technology to accelerate information flow within their datacenters and to the millions of customers connecting to them.


Vela (formerly SR Labs) has deployed Solace PubSub+ Appliances to deliver a market-leading compression solution which can publish data in the OpenMAMA format, and can meet the needs of clients in regions where high-bandwidth circuits may not be readily available.


VoiceBase uses Solace's advanced event broker technology to intelligently route voice, video and text events through their system.

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