With Solace now passing recharge information to the benefit posting system, 97% of our customers receive their customized additional minutes or data within seconds.


Airtel has a large customer base for their prepaid mobility stack, with customers relying on the ability to add funds to their phone in order to make calls or access interactive services. Several years of rapid growth were straining their benefit provisioning system, to the degree that when customers requested a customized benefit, it took tens of minutes for them to receive what they’d paid for.

The problem was the result of a file-based provisioning system. A new file was created at a predetermined interval, preprocessed by a mediation system, and then recharge information was extracted to offer provisioning to eligible customers. Delays throughout this system were adding up, which was frustrating customers and forcing call centers and retailers to respond to a large volume of customer support calls about services that were already being provisioned.

Airtel evaluated a number of other messaging technologies from leading vendors, but found that they did not cost-effectively provide the capacity with necessary headroom to accommodate both provisioning and other use cases, and were susceptible to stability and performance problems. Airtel selected Solace for its ability to meet the needs of their provisioning use case while providing headroom and additional functionality with which they could solve other problems as well.


Airtel successfully deployed their Solace message routers into production just months after purchase, thanks to a simple architecture that makes Solace technology very easy to deploy and manage.


With Solace now passing recharge information to the benefit posting system, 97% of customers receive their benefits (customized additional minutes or data) within seconds. This has improved customer satisfaction and reduced the number of calls from frustrated customers, which has freed up retailers to focus on sales and call center reps to provide faster response to real support request.


Airtel has defined Solace as their enterprise wide recommended messaging technology for all use cases that involve the efficient distribution of business-critical, high-volume or time-sensitive information, and have already defined projects in areas such as 4G enablement and national mobile number portability.

Learn more about how Solace enables telecommunications providers to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Akuna Capital

Akuna Capital

Solace has reduced the complexity and risk of our system while giving us world-class performance so we can focus on what we do best: implement innovative electronic trading strategies.


Akuna Capital selected Solace messaging appliances as the data distribution layer of their global high-speed trading system. The Solace appliances, which have replaced homegrown middleware, give Akuna a fast, scalable and fully redundant infrastructure that allows them to focus resources on optimizing their differentiating trading strategies.


Akuna considered a number of approaches including commercial alternatives and continuing to invest in their homegrown infrastructure before settling on Solace. Akuna particularly valued Solace’s operational transparency and control, extreme reliability, and features such as diskless persistence, built-in WAN optimization and market data flow control.



Solace’s technology allows us to reach our customers with real-time event details, such as race times and odds information, improving the customer experience, while simplifying our architecture and reducing cost.


ATG uses Solace technology as the data movement layer that lets them reliably offer bettors real-time information and interactive services via their web site, mobile apps and network of partners.


ATG selected Solace for its superior connection counts, high performance and fault tolerance, and consolidation of multiple servers into a simplified appliance based architecture. ATG conducted performance, reliability and fault tolerance tests and compared Solace’s estimated TCO with that of their existing Kaazing-based infrastructure, and found that Solace offered superior performance, architectural robustness and lower cost.



Solace is allowing us to better compete in the next decade with a fully flexible, state-of-the-art infrastructure.”


In 2009 Barclays announced a multi-year partnership establishing Solace equipment as the global standard for Barclays Capital’s enterprise-wide high-speed messaging platform. Barclays uses Solace appliances to integrate applications spanning the front, middle and back office.


By consolidating all messaging needs onto the platform Barclays simplified their infrastructure while reducing licensing, datacenter, development and support costs.



It’s critical we can respond to requests from our users quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are in the world. Solace gives us a highly available service that enables us to transfer data in close to real-time speeds.


The scale and global reach of bet365’s operation requires a secure, high performance, bandwidth efficient means of sharing critical data between its network of datacenters. bet365 deployed Solace’s messaging middleware technology as the data distribution layer of its global operation.


The implementation was a key building block in the company’s cloud strategy, and the high performance Solace offers ensures the rapid delivery of data to customers around the world.

Cargosmart Logo Featured Image


Solace PubSub+ has given CargoSmart a world-class foundation upon which they can deploy a game-changing solution that leverages the Internet of Things to help smart shippers differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


CargoSmart uses PubSub+ to establish reliable IoT connections between vessels, control centers and applications running in diverse cloud and on-premises environments.


Solace’s event broker technology efficiently routes real-time information using a variety of message exchange patterns, APIs and protocols, giving ocean shippers the immediate insight they need to improve shipment processes.

Solace also lets shippers create a realistic real-time model of their entire operation through the creation of a “digital twin” – virtual representations of physical assets and sensors that are updated by their real-world counterparts in an event-driven manner. These digital twins let shippers use sophisticated simulation techniques to develop responses that effectively address scenarios that might otherwise impact their customers.



FX is a high speed, high throughput market, and Solace plays a mission-critical role by guaranteeing the rapid, reliable delivery of massive amounts of information.”


Cobalt’s solution combines best-of-breed technologies to create a robust, cost-effective post trade processing service.  Solace enables the fast, efficient, guaranteed delivery of information, acting as a buffer for high rates of inbound messages.


Cobalt selected Solace technology for its unique ability to guarantee the delivery of very large volumes of messages while protecting downstream systems from high burst rates during periods of exceptional market volume and volatility.

CORE Transport Technologies

Core Transport Technologies

Solace provides the secure and scalable messaging backbone needed for what could become one of the largest IoT implementations in the world.”

The goal of CORE Transport Technologies is to put the power of big data analytics into the hands of the customer and their customers’ customers. They have made Solace PubSub+ event broker technology a strategic element of several of their solutions, combining their domain expertise and business logic with the uniquely fast, robust, scalable event distribution PubSub+ offers.

Streamlining Logistics for USPS and DoD


For over a decade, the United States Postal Service and Department of Defense have used a Solace-based SaaS offering called CORE Logistics Coordinator to synchronize and exchange critical logistics information with their global logistics suppliers in real time.


Overlaying CORE’s software onto Solace PubSub+ appliances enables real-time routing between a variety of third- and fourth-party logistics firms such as terminal handlers, ground handlers, air and ground carriers and container providers. Solace PubSub+ helps their system easily coordinating the flow of data through multiple environments and handoffs. The platform sends users real-time alerts about factors affecting their deliveries such as severe weather, security issues and logistical problems so they can make more effective package routing decisions. This ability to send customized alerts to specific users ensures optimal deployment of resources, and ensures that logistics partners are meeting their service level agreements.

Increasing Efficiency of Air Transport with IoT


In 2018 Solace and CORE expanded their partnership to offer a solution that enables real-time tracking of unit load devices (ULDs) in the air transport industry. Solace and CORE’s innovative offering helps air carriers implement and manage Internet of Things (IoT) devices to improve the monitoring, tracking and routing of shipments.


CORE’s software leverages the event distribution capabilities of Solace PubSub+, both software running in the Microsoft Azure cloud, and as the PubSub+ managed service. The event-driven routing of information across diverse cloud environments lets logistics companies easily synchronize and exchange critical information in real-time, updating users on the status of their deliveries as well as potential logistical problems. This enables smarter analytics, deeper visualizations and more effective command-and-control to improve the efficiency and transparency of air cargo shipments.

Colour Credit Agricole

Crédit Agricole

After a careful study of available technologies, we found that Solace most closely matched our targets and aspirations in the eBusiness space.”


Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB) has implemented Solace messaging appliances as the data distribution backbone as part of its continuous investment in low latency electronic trading in FX, Rates and Bonds.


Unifying all messaging on Solace simplifies the management of the different systems and improves reliability, flexibility and scalability. Crédit Agricole CIB sees significant growth opportunities in eBusiness in its chosen segments and geographies, and uses technology as a key differentiator.

Fenics Logo

Fenics US Treasuries

Solace is a key component of our global electronic trading solutions. Their unique ability to blend hardware and software principles into an effective platform makes it the underpinning of the world’s fastest US Treasuries marketplace.”



Solace gives us a rock-solid foundation on which we know we can build and grow our business to meet customer demand.”


FxPro provides access to competitive pricing and deep liquidity with no-dealing-desk intervention via its advanced trading platforms, superior execution technologies and algorithmic tools. FxPro is using Solace technology to increase the capacity, performance and robustness of the messaging infrastructure that powers its advanced trading platforms and customer-facing interfaces.

FxPro is deploying a combination of PubSub+ appliances and software to power a wide range of internal and customer-facing applications, including distribution within data centers, over wide area networks and via web and mobile devices.


The new Solace infrastructure replaces multiple previously used technologies, including ActiveMQ, Kaazing and ZeroMQ. FxPro selected Solace for its unique scale and fault-tolerant features as well as a unified API and administration framework, which will keep the architecture and operation of their system simple even as they grow their business.

Groupe PSA

Groupe PSA


Groupe PSA selected Solace PubSub+ as a core component of its next-generation connected vehicle platform.


Thanks to PubSub+, the connected vehicle platform enables advanced event-driven connectivity between millions of connected cars and diverse back-end systems with unmatched performance, robustness and scalability.

Learn More

Learn how to ensure the success of your connected vehicle initiative.

Group Renault 311x161

Groupe Renault

To meet the major technological challenges of the future and continue its strategy of profitable growth, Groupe Renault is harnessing its international growth and the complementary fit of its five brands, Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and LADA, together with electric vehicles and the unique Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM)

Grupo Bursátil Mexicano

Solace offers the best combination of performance, scalability and stability, which has allowed us to deliver the best possible trading experience to our customers.”


GBM uses a Solace-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to route a wide range of information between front, middle and back-office applications responsible for risk management, clearing, settlement and more. GBM views this ESB, which has been in production for more than two years with 100% uptime, as a messaging layer that serves their entire business. They are working on migrating additional systems such as co-location services and interbank electronic transfers to this common infrastructure.


GBM recently expanded its use of Solace messaging technology to improve the distribution of market data, trades and settlement information across their global business. GBM now uses Solace technology to stream market data from the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) and Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer) to traders and trading engines so they can track market trends, identify opportunities and initiate trades. Solace is also used to efficiently route clearing and settlement information to Asigna, the BMV’s settlement house.

L3harris Logo Featured Image



L3 used Solace to enable the distribution of mission critical data as part of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – R Series (GOES-R) program. Developed jointly by NASA and NOAA, the project improves the detection and observation of weather, thereby leading to better and more accurate forecasts.


Harris chose Solace after an extensive evaluation in which Solace was shown to offer superior messaging throughput, latency and fault tolerance. They also valued the fact that Solace’s appliance-based solution would be easier to deploy and integrate with other systems than a conventional software solution.

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Through the partnership of Solace and Sonivy, the Club has successfully introduced a platform that provides innovative, responsive and reliable betting services to their customers.”


The Hong Kong Jockey Club is using Solace message routers to improve the distribution of real-time odds and other information to their customers. The message routers have been implemented in collaboration with Sonivy, a provider of integrated technology services for the financial services sector in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Club’s adoption of Solace is consistent with their commitment to delivering the best customer experience in horse racing, sporting and betting entertainment.


Solace message routers enable real-time distribution of large sets of odds data across multiple datacenters to give customers access to the most up-to-date odds and race results from their preferred channels.



Jio is the largest 4G network in India, offering high-speed mobile internet connection & an engaging digital ecosystem for a seamless digital experience.



Koine Finance will provide custody and settlement services that allow institutions to store digital assets securely and to trade them safely and efficiently. Their services are focused at the professional services market including investment companies, funds, brokers, trading communities, wealth managers and digital exchanges. Koine is based in London, with teams in Europe, Asia and the US. Learn more at

Here’s why Koine chose Solace.

Solace’s experience with established financial organizations and high-growth companies means they completely understand the Koine offer.

Korea Exchange (KRX)

Korea Exchange

Korea Exchange (KRX) is the sole securities exchange operator in South Korea, the result of consolidating the Korea Stock Exchange, Korea Equities Exchange and KOSDAQ.KRX has selected Solace’s messaging appliances as the core data delivery infrastructure for their new high-speed exchange platform. The new system, called EXTURE+, is the KRX’s next-generation trading system that offers low latency trading across many asset classes including equities, bonds, and derivatives.

Solace makes it easier for the KRX to secure extra data copies onsite as well as for DR site to enable rapid disaster recovery. Solace will be used across all major markets offered by KRX including equities (KOSPI, KOSDAQ, and KONEX), derivatives and bonds.

We rigorously tested many technologies and found that Solace’s messaging appliances best meet our very high standards for quality, performance and reliability.

Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

Legal & General Investment Management

Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) is one of Europe’s largest institutional asset managers, managing over £362 billion for over 3, 000 clients. Solace’s technology will complement LGIM’s existing EAI/SOA technology platform and provide the flexibility to adapt and scale their infrastructure as they address new business requirements and markets.

LGIM conducted an extensive evaluation of the market and found that Solace offered the best technology and support of all the choices we considered.

We continuously review the technology market for innovation and opportunities which will benefit our business. In Solace we think we have identified such an opportunity.



Liquidnet is the global institutional trading network that connects equity investors with the liquidity they need to trade in size, at any time, from anywhere. Liquidnet serves more than 630 asset management firms and dominates block trading around the world, with an average execution size of nearly 50, 000 shares in the U.S.

It is critical that Liquidnet’s systems can reliably deliver all data and orders—once and only once—in the same order they were sent. The messaging solution Liquidnet used prior to Solace had limited throughput that did not meet its business requirements and Liquidnet could not sacrifice reliability to meet speed objectives. The previous platform was also nearing end of life and Liquidnet wanted to switch to a solution that would meet expanding needs for the foreseeable future.

Liquidnet considered building a system in house, but decided it would be prohibitively expensive and would pull people away from the critical work of improving their core platform. Liquidnet selected Solace’s solution for its superior message rate and lower, more consistent latency. They also liked that as a turnkey appliance Solace is less costly and easier to deploy and upgrade than software running on servers. Finally, their operations team valued Solace’s management and monitoring tools which make it easy to configure message queues and troubleshoot problems.

With Solace in place Liquidnet saw roundtrip latency drop by as much as 4 milliseconds in critical transactional paths, giving traders the confidence of knowing they have an absolutely up-to-date picture of liquidity and opportunities, and that their transactions will go through without a hitch.

With Solace we’ve defined the next-generation infrastructure that will help us extend our position of leadership in trading services.

Live E! Consortium

Live E!

The Live E! Consortium promotes the use of network based technologies to move beyond climatic forecast for environmental prediction and protection. As educational institutes, public services and businesses leverage the available information, new businesses will be established and additional advancements made in support of creating a better awareness of how weather patterns can be read to forecast environmental threats.

Live E! Consortium’s sensor network relies on Solace appliances to collect information about temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure from sensors around the world, and distribute it directly to the researchers and government officials that monitor environmental change and emergencies.

Their old system required information to be consolidated and redistributed before becoming relevant to users, but now the network itself understands the data and all end user requirements. Critical environmental data gets where it needs to be faster and more efficiently. For example, information about temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure is captured across the country by Digital Thermometer Screens and then is distributed in real-time, directly by the network to the researchers and government officials that study environmental change and emergencies.

We are working with Solace Systems to build an evolutionary network that will enable Live E! to support a safer and more secure global environment. Solace is allowing us to build a system that will be flexible enough to address the needs and requirements of our varied audiences including education, public service, and corporate applications.

London Capital Group (LCG)

London Capital Group

London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange Group

London Stock Exchange Group sits at the heart of the world’s financial community, operating several leading exchanges: London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana, MTS and Turquoise. LSE Group uses Solace’s platform to provide a high throughput persistent messaging infrastructure for their downstream staging system. The Solace solution serves as buffering layer or “shock absorber” between the real-time trading system and the business-critical downstream systems used for surveillance, data warehousing, post trade processing and billing.

The Solace-based system handles the very large number of messages entering the downstream system enabling fast and efficient processing of trading information.

The LSE Group’s selection of our platform further validates that hardware messaging is helping the world’s leading firms differentiate their businesses through higher performance, improved operational efficiency and lower cost of ownership.

– Craig Betts, Solace CEO



Unibet is one of the largest online gambling operators in the European market, serving over 7 million customers in over 100 countries. Unibet offers a comprehensive range of online gambling products, such as sports betting, live betting, casino, poker, bingo and soft games through its web sites.

Unibet is using Solace’s market leading appliances to accelerate information flow within their datacenters and to the over 7 million customers connecting to them.

Traditionally, online gaming platforms have used a software-based guaranteed messaging platform for important transactions and another software solution for web messaging.

Solace delivers companies a turnkey appliance that includes reliable, guaranteed and web messaging functionality to meet both of those requirements, along with WAN optimization, high availability, business continuity and advanced application monitoring. Solace improves messaging performance as much as 50 times with lower cost of ownership.

Unibet has quickly risen to be a leader in their field by focusing on where they can differentiate, and being the best in the world at what they do. We are very happy to be working with Unibet to further improve their gaming infrastructure.

Solace CEO Craig Betts

Menard Inc.


Menards uses Solace technology for a variety of retail business operations throughout the Midwest.

Mercuria Energy Group Ltd

Mercuria Energy

Mercuria is a privately-owned group of companies active over a wide spectrum of global energy markets including crude oil and refined petroleum products, natural gas, power, coal, biodiesel, vegetable oils, carbon emissions as well as metals and agricultural trading. Underpinning the Group’s market activities is a significant portfolio of strategic physical assets. Mercuria has 34 offices on five continents and is one of the world’s largest independent energy traders.

Mercuria uses Solace appliances to accelerate information flow within their datacenters and over the wide area network which connects them.

Traditionally, trading platforms have consisted of a reliable messaging platform for market data delivery and a separate guaranteed messaging platform for transactions such as orders and trade confirmations. Solace’s solution, with unified support for reliable and guaranteed messaging functionality, meets both of those requirements along with WAN optimization, high availability, business continuity and advanced application monitoring.

We get an effective, scalable and performant messaging system in one offering from Solace’s platform: one that meets a wide range of our messaging requirements and the leading edge pricing execution technology we are building.



MSCI is an independent provider of research-driven insights and tools for institutional investors. Their deep expertise in risk and performance measurement is based on more than 40 years of academic research, real-world experience and collaboration with clients, who rely on MSCI for deeper insights into the drivers of performance and risk in their portfolios, broad asset class coverage and innovative research.

The use of Solace messaging appliances has allowed MSCI to maintain its standards for scalability and availability while continuing to meet our needs for future growth.



Developed jointly by NASA and NOAA, the project improves the detection and observation of weather, thereby leading to better and more accurate forecasts. Solace PubSub+ event broker technology serves as the low latency, high availability messaging backbone for the satellite ground system.

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National Stock Exchange of India

National Stock Exchange of India

The National Stock Exchange of India Limited is a leading stock exchange of India and is one of the largest stock exchange in the world in terms of daily turnover and number of trades, for both equities and derivative trading as per the World Federation of Exchanges.



The NETS Group is a leading payments services group, enabling digital payments for merchants, consumers and banks across the entire payments value chain.

Operating Singapore’s national debit scheme, NETS enables customers of DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB to make payments using their ATM cards or mobile devices at more than 102,000 acceptance points in the country as well as online payments. About 1 in 3 Singaporeans use NETS vCashCard, FlashPay, PayNow or NETSPay payment options every day.

NETS’ success hinges on being able to develop and deploy innovative new services that make it easier for customers to pay while giving merchants and banks better visibility into customer behavior. Those new services must, of course, comply with a litany of government regulations, and be able to integrate with other payment services and gateways.

Here is NETS’ CIO Vincent Low chatting with Solace’s Sumeet Puri about how deployment of Solace is helping NETS transform Singapore into a cashless economy:

Solace’s message broker allows NETS to reliably and securely route the real-time information involved with large numbers of transactions. And our clean, flexible architecture lets them very quickly develop and deploy new digital payment projects and services, have visibility into consumer behavior, and pattern new services and loyalty programs around consumer behavior as the shift to cashless commerce accelerates.

Solace has improved NETS’ ability to bring new services to market — such as the QR code application they recently deployed — from two projects every six months to one project every month. NETS aims to leverage that agility and Solace’s easy scalability to expand their reach and offer their innovative digital and touchless payment services across Asia.



OOCL is one of the world’s largest integrated international container transportation, logistics and terminal companies. As one of Hong Kong’s most recognized global brands, OOCL provides customers with fully-integrated logistics and containerized transportation services, with a network that encompasses Asia, Europe, North America and Australasia.

Learn more about OOCL.

The insights OOCL has gleaned from CargoSmart’s innovative platform have helped us optimize the efficiency of our operation. It’s clear that Solace PubSub+ has given CargoSmart a world-class foundation upon which they can deploy a solution that leverages the IoT to help smart shippers differentiate themselves in the marketplace.



Pico is a financial technology services firm and an agency only broker dealer. Pico provides infrastructure, integration management, and software solutions to a diverse financial services client base.

Pico uses Solace appliances as the data distribution infrastructure within their Pico Quantitative Trading platform. PQT offers their solution as a managed service, complete with connectivity to the world’s leading exchanges and execution venues, market data feeds, integrated risk management, data analytics and more.

After evaluating several middleware technologies Pico decided that Solace 3200 series middleware appliances best met their requirements in the areas of performance and the continuous distribution of data across geographies for risk management and disaster recovery.

“With support for extremely high message throughput, WAN distribution capabilities and multi-site disaster recovery, Solace appliances meet all of our data distribution needs with a much smaller footprint than competitive solutions, ” said Pico’s CTO Sonny Baillargeon. “That compact footprint and the fact that Solace appliances are remarkably easy to deploy and operate enables us to increase the capacity, functionality and geographic reach of our platform as we co-locate our systems in exchange datacenters.”

Solace is the central nervous system of the trading infrastructure that our clients use to execute trades across a range of asset classes around the world. By efficiently routing all of the real-time data it takes to execute smart trades and manage risk, Solace helps us satisfy service level agreements, and maintain our competitive advantage delivering world-class trading services.


RBC Capital Markets

RBC Capital Markets is the corporate and investment banking arm of Royal Bank of Canada, and is consistently ranked among the top 15 global investment banks. With over 6,000 employees, RBC Capital Markets is active globally in fixed income, foreign exchange, infrastructure finance, ECM, metals, mining and energy.

RBC Capital Markets has deployed Solace appliances routers to act as the message bus of their low latency trading platform, which will eventually replace the bank’s six or seven existing message buses.

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65 billion daily real-time messages across six geographies: How RBC Capital Markets uses Solace to create an event mesh

We build in the business layer to differentiate the product. We buy best-of-breed infrastructure and we partner with firms like Solace and Arista to move performance-sensitive business layer components to the infrastructure.



SAP Cloud Platform includes an integration service called SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging that is designed to connect applications, business partners and devices as part of end-to-end business processes running in the cloud.

We had a chance to talk to the Head of Product Management Gateway Martin Bachmann at SAP TechEd again. Have a look at the interview and learn about SAP’s journey with Solace over the last years and how Solace supports SAP Cloud Based Solution, Vehicle Insight and what the future of Hybrid Scenario brings.


In this interview, Denis King of Solace and Martin Bachmann of SAP discuss the role Solace technology plays in SAP’s cloud strategy.

Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging

Vehicle Insights with SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging

With Solace middleware, we anticipate that SAP customers can take advantage of a pre-integrated architecture for leveraging SAP software and cloud services to help tackle challenges such as the Internet of Things and enabling big data movement in a digital world.

Gunther Rothermel, senior vice president, Products and Innovation Technology for SAP

Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Singapore Land Transport Authority

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport that plans, builds and maintains Singapore’s land transport infrastructure and systems.

Solace’s data movement technology has been selected as a key infrastructure component of a Next-Generation Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system being built for Singapore Land Transport Authority by a consortium of NCS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine System Asia (MHIES-A).

As part of Singapore’s Next Generation ERP system, all vehicles will be equipped with an on-board device that leverages GPS to transmit real-time position, speed and more. Real-time alerts will notify drivers about congestion and suggest alternate routes.

On October 13, 2016, Sumeet Puri presented on Singapore’s smart city initiatives from his perspective as both a resident of Singapore, and an architect of some of the smart city services. Over 200 people came out to hear Sumeet’s insights and based on the conversation afterwards, it was very well received. Here are links to watch a recorded version, or see Sumeet’s slides.

We’re pleased to be working closely with NCS and MHIES-A to deliver the next-generation Electronic Road Pricing system, and look forward to expanding the scope and value of their efforts.

– Craig Betts, CEO, Solace

Spotex Foreign Exchange ECN


Spotex was founded in 2010 by FX industry veterans with the goal of providing a fast, unbiased and reliable FX exchange to serve the retail client base with the highest level of integrity and transparency. Spotex has selected Solace message routers to serve as the low latency messaging foundation of their foreign exchange (FX) electronic communications network (ECN). The Spotex ECN delivers fair, transparent FX trade matching that increases customer profitability by reducing response times and minimizing the difference between the prices at which orders are placed and filled, commonly called slippage.

Solace message routers efficiently move information between trade participants and Spotex’s high-speed matching engine. Solace ensures high availability to avoid many types of possible failures, which is essential to the 24-hour nature of FX markets.

The Spotex foreign exchange ECN has been operating since June 2014.

Solace offers a unique combination of operational simplicity and extreme low latency, allowing Spotex to build highly scalable and reliable solutions for our clients.

Standard Chartered PLC

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered PLC is a leading international bank, listed on the London, Hong Kong and Mumbai stock exchanges. It has operated for over 150 years in some of the world’s most dynamic markets and earns around 90 per cent of its income and profits in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.As one of the world’s largest foreign exchange traders, Standard Chartered required a scalable next-generation infrastructure capable of low-latency data distribution across trading locations.

After a rigorous evaluation and testing process, Standard Chartered selected Solace to provide the messaging infrastructure for their next-generation foreign exchange trading platform, and as their new standard for high performance messaging.

Solace appliances were initially deployed in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London and New York to provide both reliable and guaranteed messaging between Standard Chartered trading venues. Additional appliances will be added to Standard Chartered’s network as more applications are migrated to the new platform, which SCB has selected as their new standard for high performance messaging.

As an organization in the midst of managing rapid growth across a large geography, Standard Chartered knows that investing in a long term strategy for messaging infrastructure is crucial. After an extensive review of available technologies, we realized that Solace met or exceeded our needs today and into the future.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a leading IT services, consulting and business solutions partner. TCS is a leader in the global marketplace and among the top 10 technology firms in the world.

TCS has partnered with Solace to help customers quickly and cost-effectively implement big data, mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.

TMX Group

TMX Group

The TMX Group owns and operates the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, Montreal Exchange, Natural Gas Exchange and a variety of other business interests.

In early 2011 TMX Group deployed Solace’s platform as the messaging backbone within their data dissemination plant, the core technology that performs the distribution of Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange data feeds to market participants.

Solace’s message routers have become a strategic asset allowing us the agility to act quickly within the rapidly changing exchange marketplace.



TP ICAP is the world’s largest interdealer broker; a global firm of professional intermediaries that plays a pivotal role in the world’s financial, energy and commodities markets. TP ICAP deployed Solace technology to upgrade their messaging infrastructure and implement a modern service-based trading architecture.

TP ICAP chose Solace’s Virtual Message Router (now referred to as Solace PubSub+) and SolCache (now referred to as PubSub+ Cache) as together they uniquely support the wide variety of exchange patterns required as part of the company’s intermediary services, internal and external trade execution solutions, and data offerings. The solution enables the cost-effective fanout of information to large numbers of clients and systems.

“Today’s dynamic marketplace demands agility like never before, and I applaud TP ICAP for both their bold business moves, and their service-driven infrastructure strategy,” said Craig Betts, CEO of Solace. “Solace will help TP ICAP scale capacity up and down as necessary and provide a fast, flexible foundation that lets them cost-effectively keep up with growing demand.”

TP ICAP is implementing Solace as its global messaging and integration infrastructure in support of multiple lines of business and data services including fixed income, equities, energy, interest rates, commodities and market data distribution.

The size of our client base and breadth of our service offering have both grown significantly since TP ICAP was formed through Tullett Prebon’s acquisition of ICAP’s global brokering business in December. We believed that to continue providing exemplary service to our clients we needed to migrate to a service-based architecture, and knew we needed to upgrade our messaging infrastructure to support that change. Solace has exceeded all of our expectations.

Matt Dobson
Global Head of Technical Architecture

Triton Digital

Triton Digital

Triton Digital is the leading digital service provider to traditional and online radio with a rapidly expanding roster of media clients emerging from the television and print space.As Triton builds on its leadership position in the traditional and online radio markets to serve television and print clients, provisioning, tracking and billing for services is becoming much more complicated. The ActiveMQ messaging software they used to rely on didn’t provide the reliability, flexibility or functionality they knew they’d need as they grow their business, nor did it meet their WAN distribution requirements.

Triton now uses Solace’s solution as the backbone of all inter-application messaging for functions including the real-time delivery of audio ads, continuous collection of client data usage metrics and coordination of mission-critical application events.

Solace’s appliances buffer data streams so applications can receive high-volume data at a rate they can handle without causing a backlog that impacts high-volume senders even over long-distance WAN links. Solace guarantees the delivery of mission critical information to Triton’s business systems, which was not achievable with other messaging middleware solutions.

With Solace, Triton has reduced application complexity which accelerates time-to-market for new services and improves reliability.

“By unifying local and long-distance data distribution with one API, Solace’s full-featured platform will also help us get new services to market more quickly by letting our developers focus on the business logic that differentiates us from our competitors, instead of coding ancillary messaging functionality into our applications, ” said Jean-Francois Gadoury, CTO of Triton Digital.

Solace’s messaging middleware solution reduces the cost and complexity of our infrastructure while meeting all of our reliability, capacity and functionality requirements so we can concentrate on being the best digital service provider in the world.

Two Sigma

Two Sigma Investments

Two Sigma Investments is a leader in process-driven, systematic trading that manages several billion dollars worth of assets.

In 2010 Two Sigma implemented Solace’s JMS messaging solution in its core trading infrastructure. The platform supports numerous application-based messaging functions within Two Sigma.

Two Sigma conducted extensive research and testing of competitive messaging solutions before selecting Solace for its consistently fast performance and high reliability. Since deployment in 2010, Solace’s appliances have reduced the datacenter footprint of Two Sigma’s messaging infrastructure while improving monitoring and management.

Technological advantage is one of the keys to Two Sigma’s success, and we realized that to remain highly competitive we needed to thoroughly evaluate all available messaging technologies. Solace exceeded our requirements during extensive testing and we believe that the quality of their product is outstanding.



Vela (formerly SR Labs) has deployed Solace technology to deliver a market leading compression solution which can publish data in the OpenMAMA format, and can meets the needs of clients in regions where high-bandwidth circuits may not be readily available.



With customers including Amazon, Twilio, Nasdaq and C-SPAN, VoiceBase is the world’s premier API developer for speech analytics. And as the only speech analytics provider designed with an open architecture, they’ve revolutionized the industry by using a consumption-based model to take prices down to a tenth of what they were at the time of their founding.

Every month VoiceBase processes millions of recordings that allow users to search from the web or their mobile device into the timeline of a recording and play the precise parts of phone calls, conference calls, webinars, educational lectures, podcasts, or videos. And their machine learning technology takes it all a step further by allowing a business, for example, to predict a caller’s intent based on tone, sentiment, and other factors.

They use Solace messaging technology to intelligently route voice, video and text events through their system. The Solace infrastructure orchestrates the flow of events as VoiceBase’s processing cluster transcribes, indexes, summarizes, redacts and conducts predictive analytics on audio and video.


VoiceBase initially used Amazon Simple Queue Service to orchestrate workflow, but operational challenges and growing event volumes made that approach unrealistic. They evaluated several software-based Java Message Service (JMS) alternatives, but realized that scaling JMS brokers to meet their needs would be complicated and expensive.

“We looked at the architecture we wanted to build and we settled on an architecture that used an orchestration of services, and a key part of that was the concept of queuing,” said Jeff Shukis, the VP of Engineering and Technical Operations at VoiceBase.

Shukis chose Solace for its ability to route millions of messages per second in a small footprint with low operating expenses.

Only one enterprise service bus worked, and it didn’t even break a sweat.

“Solace, in that architecture, touches every single task twice. You know, when the task is sent out for orchestration it lands in a Solace queue, when the results are put back into the orchestration environment it lands in a Solace queue. That means that for every job we get it touches Solace between 30 and I think about 1200 times.”

Prior to his discovery of Solace, Shukis always had problems at scale with queuing systems. He even “dreamed of a queuing system that worked like a network switch,” was done in hardware, and could scale exponentially.

And his past problems spelled especially bad news when he projected what future VoiceBase requirements might be: 2.7 billion minutes per month of run rate.

To evaluate the appliances on the market, Shukis and his team built a prototype that simulated those loads by pushing that much data through the queuing system.

Solace won, hands down.

“Only one enterprise service bus worked, and it didn’t even break a sweat.”


“The Solace boxes were slated for deployment in Virginia and someone had to do the install. So that was me,” said Shukis. “And I haven’t been back since.”

That was in 2014.

“It’s definitely required the least amount of management of any component in our architecture.”

“We haven’t had to make any changes, fix anything, or change any of the configurations.” 


“I know that anyone I’m dealing with at Solace is going to be a professional, is going to know the way I think about queuing, what I need out of the product and how to help me,” began Shukis.

“My fear is calling up a support organization and getting somebody in the call center whose sole job is to take a note and have someone call me back in four hours.”

“When I call Solace I get someone who, even at the ungodly hours I tend to call, says: “Alright, let me get online and help you. They instantly help us. So it’s definitely enterprise-grade product, enterprise-grade support, which has been fantastic.”


Speech Analytics

We built a prototype that simulated the kind of loads we expected to see a few years out. And then we built a prototype that actually pushed that much data through our system and through the queuing system. There was no way that any of the queuing systems we tried could hold up to that.

Jeff Shukis, VP Engineering & Technical Operations

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