TAB Bank wanted to move into small business lending and become the banking back-end FinTech companies use to offer their services. They built an ESB with Mulesoft to implement digital banking so they could expend their retail and business banking services footprint. They wanted to complement their ESB’s synchronous API-centric delivery mechanism with event-driven architecture and an event mesh to expose asynchronous event-driven endpoints to their fintech partners.


They had considered a SaaS or open source solution, but decided to underpin their ESB with PubSub+ Platform because they wanted an enterprise-grade event management platform backed by exceptional support.


PubSub+ decouples TAB’s applications so they can easily scale their system and eliminates the need to either poll endpoints or wait for batch based data delivery. The solution will help improve availability, reliability, and overall quality of their FinTech offerings.

TAB Bank was founded in 1998 as a banking service focused on the logistics industry, and today provides custom working capital solutions to businesses in many industries.

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