Why build your IoT system on an event mesh powered by PubSub+?

An event mesh distributes events among decoupled applications, cloud services, and connected devices.

  • Never Lose a Message: PubSub+ offers built-in high availability and disaster recovery, and can buffer/replay data so disconnected and slow consumers get messages as soon as they can.
  • Enable Command & Control: PubSub+ can send alerts and instructions to specific devices or groups of devices so you can safely command and control assets and vehicles.
  • Future-proof your Infrastructure: PubSub+ makes it easy to fold AI, analytics, AI, 5G, and RPA into your IoT initiatives thanks to a loosely coupled architecture that lets you add or replace publishers and subscribers through subscriptions and topics.
  • Start Small, Scale Fast: With feature parity across cloud, software and appliances, you can easily prototype new functionality, shift into production, and scale to support billions of messages a day.
  • Secure Your Data: PubSub+ supports enterprise-grade security in the areas of authentication, authorization and encryption. Learn more.
  • Use the Right API and Protocol for Every Interaction: PubSub+ offers native support for your favorite APIs and open standards like MQTT (including MQTT 5.0) and Sparkplug B.

Fuel your IoT deployment across your enterprise with hybrid cloud event mesh, powered by PubSub+.

Real-time information flow is within reach. We’ll show you the way.

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