Why build your IoT system on an event mesh powered by PubSub+?

An event mesh is a configurable and dynamic infrastructure layer that distributes events among decoupled applications, cloud services, and connected devices.

A well-built event mesh bridges the gap between IoT services and solutions and the enterprise applications and cloud services your business relies on.

Never lose an event, even with poor connections

PubSub+ offers unparalleled reliability with built-in high availability and disaster recovery, and it buffers and replays data so disconnected systems or slow consumers receive messages when they are able to.

Go beyond data collection to command and control

PubSub+ is uniquely capable of not only collecting data from distributed sensors, vehicles and other devices, but also reliably and securely sending alerts and instructions to specific devices or groups of devices so you can safely command and control assets across your IoT system.

Integrate the latest technologies easily and without disruption

PubSub+ makes it easy to incorporate streaming analytics, AI, 5G, and RPA into your IoT initiatives thanks to loosely coupled architecture that lets you add or replace publishers and subscribers through subscriptions and topics. And you can visualize and manage it all with PubSub+ Event Portal.

Start small, grow fast, and go from prototype to production

With feature parity across cloud, software and hardware versions of PubSub+, you can spin up event streaming capabilities in minutes then scale to an architecture that supports billions of messages each day.

Protect your data and events at rest and in motion

PubSub+ supports enterprise-grade security in the areas of authentication, authorization and encryption, including access control lists to secure data in motion.

Out of the box support for leading APIs and protocols

Use the ideal API and protocol for every interaction thanks to comprehensive support for all major APIs and open standards including the latest from MQTT 5.0 and Sparkplug B.

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