Enable event-driven data flow between all connected devices

IoT is changing the way devices interact with each other and the way people interact with the physical world. Enabling this transformation demands high-volume, low-latency IoT event brokering between every device no matter where they are located—private, cloud, on-premises.

Solace PubSub+ advanced event brokers link IoT with IT by enabling event-driven data flow between connected devices, IoT gateways and applications running in clouds and data centers.

We make IoT data movement from the “Core” to the “Edge” to the “Fog” seamless, enabling instant communication and interoperability across all systems.

Daimler selected Solace to provide the technology that powers their “Mercedes me” app and associated services by streaming information between their vehicles and back-end applications.

They chose Solace to power MQTT and other communications because it is the only technology capable of not just collecting information from tens of millions of vehicles but sending vehicle-specific alerts and instructions to specific cars or groups of vehicles.



Key IoT Capabilities

Diverse endpoints and networks

Enable the flow of real-time information between a wide range of devices, gateways and enterprise applications.​

Throughput & connection count

Support the routing of millions of messages/second between tens of millions of sensors, control systems and connected devices.

Message patterns

Use publish/subscribe, request/reply or streaming so systems can send information once to many recipients, or aggregate data from many producers into one recipient.


Move Authenticated and encrypted information via TCP connections that can be secured on a per-client basis and are encrypted with SSL during delivery.

Qualities of service

Handle the guaranteed delivery required for IoT scenarios in which every message must be delivered, even to disconnected subscribers.

Shock absorber

Guarantee the delivery of all messages even when recipients are disconnected or are unable to handle volume.

What are you connecting?

All connected devices—whether they take the shape of smart factories, elevators, refrigerators, vehicles or robots—expand the possibilities for connected experiences and new business models.

But too often innovation comes to a grinding halt because
technologies either can’t handle the scale or security demands.

We are your partner in low-latency, high-volume IoT
message brokering. How can we help you change the world?

  • I want to connect an app ecosystem
  • I want to drive digital transformation in my supply chain and across the entire production process
  • I want to create smart devices
  • I want to develop connected public infrastructure in my city
  • I want to change telehealth and save lives
  • I need my business to run more efficiently across devices
  • I want to improve auto safety
  • I want to change the way we consume media

The Hidden Key to Successful IoT Solutions

Companies that can use IoT to out-collect, out-integrate, out-analyse and out-automate their competition can disrupt entire industries. Watch our COO Denis King talking about IoT:

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