The goal of CORE Transport Technologies is to put the power of big data analytics into the hands of the customer and their customers’ customers. They have made Solace PubSub+ Platform a strategic element of several of their solutions, combining their domain expertise and business logic with the uniquely fast, robust, and scalable event distribution PubSub+ offers.

Increasing Efficiency of Air Transport with IoT


Solace and CORE offer a solution that enables real-time tracking of unit load devices (ULDs) in the air transport industry. Solace and CORE’s innovative offering helps air carriers implement and manage Internet of Things (IoT) devices to improve the monitoring, tracking and routing of shipments.


CORE’s software leverages the event distribution capabilities of Solace PubSub+. They have PubSub+ software running in Microsoft Azure, and they use PubSub+ as a managed service. The event-driven routing of information across diverse cloud environments lets logistics companies easily synchronize and exchange critical information in real-time, updating users on the status of their deliveries as well as potential logistical problems. This enables smarter analytics, deeper visualizations and more effective command-and-control to improve the efficiency and transparency of air cargo shipments.

Streamlining Logistics for USPS and DoD


For over a decade, the United States Postal Service and the Department of Defense have used a Solace-based SaaS offering to synchronize and exchange critical logistics information with their global logistics suppliers in real-time.


Overlaying CORE’s software onto Solace PubSub+ event brokers enables real-time routing between a variety of third- and fourth-party logistics firms, such as terminal handlers, ground handlers, air and ground carriers, and container providers. Solace PubSub+ helps their system easily coordinate the flow of data through multiple environments and handoffs. The platform sends users real-time alerts about factors affecting their deliveries (such as severe weather, security issues and logistical problems) so they can make more effective package routing decisions. This ability to send customized alerts to specific users ensures both the optimal deployment of resources and that logistics partners are meeting their service level agreements.

CORE has developed scanning solutions to track the movement of products, equipment and assets, as well as the latest technology used to track real-time movements of industry equipment.

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