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Transportation & Logistics


From high-speed trains, metros, monorails, trams, to turnkey systems, services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility, Alstom offers its diverse customers the broadest portfolio in the industry.
Transportation & Logistics


CargoSmart uses Solace technology to create a "digital twin" of their complex network of control centers and vessels so they can simulate the effects of responses to emerging or potential situations.
Transportation & Logistics


CMA CGM - a global player in sea, land, air, and logistics solutions.
Transportation & Logistics


CORE uses Solace technology as the foundation of a solution that enables real-time tracking of unit load devices (ULDs) in the air transport industry.
Transportation & Logistics

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is an international and regional aviation hub connecting to 220 destinations around the world, including 50 mainland cities.
Transportation & Logistics


One of the leading delivery and fulfillment companies in Finland, Sweden and Baltics, Posti has used Solace technology to improve the efficiency of their operations, customer service and satisfaction, and sustainability.
Transportation & Logistics

PSA Singapore

PSA Singapore is using Solace technology to aid in the automation of a new port that will feature automated operations and maintenance activities, including the remote control and diagnostics of equipment.
Government Transportation & Logistics

Singapore Land Transport Authority

Singapore Land Transport Authority uses Solace as a key component of a next-generation electronic road pricing (ERP) system.
Transportation & Logistics

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) used Solace technology to build an event mesh that facilitate communications between cloud and on-premises microservices to optimize rail network capacity and customer provisioning.