Solace PubSub+ has given CargoSmart a world-class foundation upon which they can deploy a game-changing solution that leverages the Internet of Things to help smart shippers differentiate themselves in the marketplace.”


CargoSmart uses PubSub+ to establish reliable IoT connections between vessels, control centers and applications running in diverse cloud and on-premises environments.


Solace’s advanced event broker technology efficiently routes real-time information using a variety of message exchange patterns, APIs and protocols, giving ocean shippers the immediate insight they need to improve shipment processes.

Solace also lets shippers create a realistic real-time model of their entire operation through the creation of a “digital twin” – virtual representations of physical assets and sensors that are updated by their real-world counterparts in an event-driven manner. These digital twins let shippers use sophisticated simulation techniques to develop responses that effectively address scenarios that might otherwise impact their customers.

See the press release about CargoSmart’s use of Solace PubSub+.