Deploy Event Mesh Anywhere, Manage from the Cloud

Mission Control gives you the flexibility of a SaaS with the control of privately deployed brokers

Spend your time building event-driven applications that drive business value, not stuck in the details of setting up and maintaining a network of event brokers.

Mission Control makes it easy to deploy and connect your hybrid-and multi- cloud event broker services into an event mesh, so your apps can dynamically share events to and from any location without having to configure the brokers or build custom bridges.

Spin up Event Broker Services in Minutes

You point and click, Mission Control does all the heavy lifting to dynamically deploy, upgrade, patch, and operate your event broker services, and engineer it all to be secure, resilient, and cost-optimized.

Deploy enterprise-grade event brokers wherever you need them:

  • Public clouds
  • Virtual private clouds
  • On-premises Kubernetes environments
  • Cloud Kubernetes environments
  • Any region or availability zone
  • Sized to fit your needs, from POCs to large IoT deployments

Dynamically Share Events Everywhere

Mesh Manager automatically gathers the necessary information from the event broker services, configures TLS and authentication, and builds and tests the dynamic message routing links between the services.

Use the intuitive user interface to quickly build an event mesh, a dynamic infrastructure layer to distribute events between your applications, cloud services and devices (like a service mesh, but for events).
Mesh Manager makes it a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Name your event mesh
  2. Add event broker services from a pick list
  3. Select “Create Mesh”

All Management Features in One Place

Focus on building event-driven microservices, not system administration

PubSub+ Cloud also provides all the administrative functions at your fingertips so you can quickly and easily:

  • View service limitations and how much capacity you’re using (and have remaining)
  • Scale your subscriptions as needed
  • Add new users and manage existing ones, changing access permissions as required
  • View audit logs to know who’s done what within the system

A Complete Turnkey Solution
Better Results Faster

Building and managing your own event-distribution infrastructure will slow you down and has costs you may not have considered

Installation and SetupFor each event broker:
  • Self-managed license management
  • Set up infrastructure and secure resources
  • Configure network security
  • Add load balancing for HA
  • Purchase, access and install software,
  • Apply security settings
  • Configure reliability (HA and DR)
  • Configure the mesh
  • Install and configure monitoring
Mostly done for you with tooling to simplify the rest.

For each Service:

  • Assert license capacity exists or on-demand
  • Choose scale and click create
  • Configure DR (Solace supported action)
  • Mesh creation (easy self-service UI)
  • Integrated Monitoring
Ongoing Management
  • Upgrades (schedule window, test new versions, incremental roll out and validation, services to support)
  • Ops resource and training for system management
  • Security patching (resources, change window coordination, rollback and testing, potentially services)
  • Ongoing optimizations (adopt new cloud tech, keep pace with market shifts, deprecations or changes from cloud vendors)
Mostly done for you.

  • Upgrades – scheduled upgrade window
  • No ops resource
  • Patching – schedule window
  • Optimizations addressed by us
Scaling and Admin
  • Manual horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Manually created management dashboard
  • Manually expand and contract (with annual commit for subscriptions)
  • Manually extend mesh
  • Vertical Scaling
  • Dynamic, on demand expansion/collapse with on-demand cost
  • Built-in single pane of glass management dashboard

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