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Virtual Webinar

Google Cloud Next: OnAir

OnAir is a multi-week online conference that focuses on bringing digital transformation to businesses in the cloud community. Google is featuring Solace's logo on the digital experience to show our continual support of their live events. Check out our profile filled with resources to help you learn how a PubSub+ event broker can connect your Google Cloud services to all other apps across your enterprise.


APIs & Event-Driven Systems: How Do You Automate Interactions?

Businesses are being forced to excel in customer experience and are seeing digital transformation is the only way to achieve this. During this transformation, their IT landscape is getting more complex and there is a need to automate any repetitive deployment processes to achieve the desired levels of agility. An important factor in your enterprise’s ability to adopt a deployment automation strategy is how your technologies interact with each other. Standards play a large part in defining a solid strategy.…


Building Battleship with TypeScript, Java and Solace PubSub+

This interactive hands-on developer workshop will walk you through implementing a multiplayer game of Battleship using modern frameworks and languages. Specifically, this course will run you through the creation of a frontend application using TypeScript (with the Aurelia framework) and a backend using Java (with the Spring Cloud Stream framework) - and using Solace PubSub+ to seamlessly communicate between these two components. You will walk away knowing how you can use the Solace PubSub+ platform to create event driven distributed…


Event enabling your heartbeat using IoT sensors, Solace PubSub+ Event Broker and Boomi IPaaS

Are you building an IoT application within a connected devices architecture? Do you want to leverage the powers of Boomi as an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaas) with Solace PubSub+ as an advanced message broker? This session is for you! Join us during this free live coding session as Tamimi Ahmad and Jesse Menning from Solace get together with Tommy Conway from Boomi to explore the powers of event-enabling your IPaaS integration. In this session, the 3 hackers will…


APIdays – APIs, Ecosystems and Finance-as-a-Service

Solace is a Gold Sponsor at the live virtual tradeshow at APIdays. The Live tradeshow will dig deep into both the business and technology of APIs: how firms are building partner ecosystems, implementing API-first architectures, and migrating from monoliths to microservices. API-first architectures, and migrating from monoliths to microservices. Join Solace at the event to learn how best you can leverage and build your real-time business in the digital marketplaces that are changing the way customer value is delivered.


Sido Lyon: Europe’s Leading Event in IoT, AI, Robotics and XR

SIDO Lyon focuses on the importance of emerging technologies in IoT, AI, Robotic, and XR spaces. Particularly in the improvement of connecting company intelligence with any and all autonomous projects. Come by our booth to learn how Solace can enable an event-driven data flow to connect all your company’s devices with high-volume, low-latency IoT event brokering.


Big Data Paris

More than ever, the 2020 BIG DATA PARIS is looking BIG by focusing this year’s conference on radical innovations, brand new technologies, and 360-degree creativity. Solace recognizes the unprecedented insight big data can provide to a company, which means being able to properly manage your data is crucial to making informed decisions. Come by booth C45 to learn how Solace can provide a more productive data environment by establishing a “data river” that continuously flows into your data lake, for…


Cloud Computing Paris

Cloud Computing Paris aims to provide attendees with visions, analyzes, expertise and feedback from users of various backgrounds, all of whom are expecting more resilience and more flexibility from their infrastructure managers through digital transformation. Solace will be attending to showcase how event-driven architecture and event mesh are key to creating a successful digital transformation. Visit booth B35 to learn more on how to effectively create a dynamic, open, and simple event mesh with a PubSub+ event broker.

Hong Kong

Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2020

Solace will share the latest trends and best practices for enterprises that are speeding up their digital transformation journeys at Cloud Expo Asia, Hong Kong and its co-locating events this year. Join Solace session at the Cloud Theatre and Developer Playground to gather the latest insights on Cloud strategies for your business

Hong Kong

GS1 Hong Kong Summit 2020 – Scaling Digital Transformation to Create New Value

Themed "Scaling Digital Transformation to Create New Value", this year Summit will explore ways to integrate smart technologies, innovation and new business model that sharpen your edge, enhance collaboration, drive digital transformation in today's competitive market and battered economy. Solace is a speaking at the Smart Operations Track to discuss the 2020 IoT trends, challenges and success stories across various industries. Visit our booth to start a conversation with leaders from a diverse industry, and gain practical know-how on how…