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Air Traffic Control

The system-wide management of information is the mission-critical foundation of air traffic control systems, and the key to strategies being driven by the FAA, ICAO and EUROCONTROL.

Solace enables the next generation of safe, efficient air transportation by routing real-time aeronautical, flight and weather data, along with data feeds like TFMS, between aircraft, Global ATM systems and all kinds of equipment, sensors and users.

Smart Transportation

Solace enables transportation agencies to collect real-time data from connected vehicles and roadway infrastructure like traffic lights, gantries and parking meters so they can analyze and act on it as conditions change.

By doing so Solace can help them improve the efficiency of their public transit systems, streamline vehicular traffic and alert commuters/drivers about things like arrival times, route recommendations and more.

Positive Train Control

Positive Train Control (PTC) is designed to automatically stop a train in order to prevent collisions and derailments by automatically and remotely addressing unsafe operation and misaligned track switches.

Solace helps large railroad operators establish a flow of real-time data between locomotives, sensors and switches so remote operators can ensure safe, efficient operation.

Track and Trace

By enabling the collection, filtration and flow of real-time information between globally dispersed scanners, sensors and back-end systems, Solace can help transportation and logistics companies maintain a more up-to-date picture of where all of their assets, packages, passengers and vehicles are at any given moment.

This lets them quickly identify problematic situations with their own operations or external conditions like severe weather, road closures or traffic jams before they cause ripple effects that can disrupt operations around the world.

A glimpse into SWIM and PubSub+

Powering real-time SWIM systems for the FAA and other top ANSPs.

A glimpse into SWIM and PubSub+

Check out Sumeet Puri, our SVP & Global Head of Systems Engineering,
talking about intelligent transport systems on CNA.

 Sumeet Puri about intelligent transport systems on CNA

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