Power Your Event-Driven Transformation

Solace PubSub+ Event Broker efficiently streams events and information
across cloud, on-premises and IoT environments. The “+” in PubSub+ means it supports a wide range of message exchange patterns beyond publish/subscribe, including request/reply, streaming and replay, as well as different qualities of service, such as best effort and guaranteed delivery. It’s available as an appliance, software, and a service. All options offer the same functionality and management experience.

Build an Event Mesh and Share Data Everywhere

PubSub+ lets you connect event brokers to form an event mesh—an architecture layer that allows you to dynamically route events from one application to any other application no matter where those applications are deployed (no cloud, private cloud, public cloud)—so you can connect and orchestrate microservices, push events from on-premises systems of record to cloud services, and enable digital transformation across LoBs and IoT.

A diagram showing how Solace PubSub+ Event Broker forms an event mesh with PaaS, iPaaS and other technologies

Three Deployment Options

Event Broker: Cloud


Event Broker: Cloud is a managed service. Spin up event broker services in minutes, scale to any level, and leave the operation of your messaging infrastructure to us. Free service available.

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Event Broker: Software


Event Broker: Software is easy to deploy in your favorite clouds, containers, and iPaaS/PaaS environments. And there’s a free production-ready edition.

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Event Broker: Hardware


Event Broker: Hardware gives you extreme performance and capacity in a compact form factor with the operations and low TCO of a turnkey appliance.

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118 billion messages a day. That’s over 1.3 million messages a second. 24 hours a day. That’s huge volume, and we do all that completely seamlessly without any data loss.”

Used by 6 of the 10 world’s biggest investment banks and 3 of the top 6 FX trading banks, Solace PubSub+ meets the diverse data movement needs of banks, capital markets participants, and exchanges.

Joshua Carroll of RBC

Joshua Carroll

Managing Director, Head of Architecture, RBC Capital Markets

Unlock your data – no matter where it is

Use our APIs for the most popular programming languages, or your favorite open APIs and protocols so you can connect to any application, take a best-in-class approach to messaging, and never get locked in to any technology — including ours.

Solace API Protocols Diagram

More reasons why the world’s leading companies rely
on PubSub+ Event Broker

Peace of mind comes with knowing your systems are linked by the industry’s most robust, battle-tested and reliable event broker technology. Whether you have legacy ESBs/messaging or DB system of record on-prem, cloud-native services and business applications, or even a Kafka cluster as an endpoint, PubSub+ allows you to tie your architectures together to benefit from the best of all technologies.

Management & Governance

  • Centralized administration
  • Authentication, authorization and encryption of assets and information
  • Powerful and proactive monitoring and alerting, including integration with existing monitoring tools
  • Built-in high availability and automated disaster recovery

Capacity and Performance

  • Very high throughput persistent and non-persistent messaging in 1:1 and fanout scenarios
  • Optimized for low, predictable latency in real-world scenarios
  • Hundreds of thousands of concurrent IoT connections

Federated Architecture

  • Routing across geographically distributed cloud and on-premises environments
  • Dynamic, self-learning routing
  • Fast, bandwidth-efficient routing over wide area networks

Advanced Messaging Capabilities

  • Message caching and replay
  • Sophisticated topics including wildcards
  • Prioritization, dead message queues
  • In-service upgrades
  • Support for dynamic microservice  autoscaling

Ready to explore the full PubSub+ Platform?

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