Enabling Your Real-Time Business
with Event-Driven Integration

For operational use cases where you have a lot of applications, devices and microservices that need to interact in real-time, you need an event broker that lets you…

Connect Every Application

With client libraries for popular programming languages, support for open APIs and protocols, and connectors for many cloud services and integration/streaming technologies including Apache Kafka, PubSub+ Event Broker makes it easy to let any application or device send and receive information in their native format and language.

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Meet the Integration Needs of Every Situation

PubSub+ Event Broker supports all message exchange patterns and qualities of service, along with advanced messaging capabilities like caching, queuing, time to live, in-order delivery, and replay.

Get Information Exactly Where It Needs to Be

PubSub+ Event Broker lets publishers describe events with detailed topics that include hierarchical metadata, and subscribers can indicate exactly which events they want by specifying terms and wildcards, instead of filtering loosely-described event streams like they have to do with log-based brokers like Apache Kafka.

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Ensure Efficient Information Delivery No Matter What

Not only does PubSub+ Event Broker offer built-in fault tolerance, high availability and disaster recovery, it’s easy to link brokers to form an event mesh that automatically routes information between applications and devices via the fastest path possible, no matter where they’re deployed, even when applications, locations or network connections suffer slowdowns or outages.

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Monitor Your System with Observability Tools

With the ability to generate OpenTelemetry traces and integrate with your existing observability tools, PubSub+ Event Broker lets you track the progress and path of events through your event mesh with your favorite observability tools using logs, metrics, and traces.

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Solace Named an Event Broker Leader 

IDC positions PubSub+ in the Leaders category in their MarketScape report for worldwide event broker software. 

Three Deployment Options

Event Broker: Cloud


Available ‘as a service’ so you can spin up broker services in the cloud in just minutes.

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Event Broker: Software


Easy to deploy in your favorite clouds, containers and iPaaS/PaaS environments.

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Event Broker: Hardware


A turnkey appliance that provides extreme capacity and performance with easy operation and low TCO.

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Why Top Enterprises Trust PubSub+ Event Broker

PubSub+ Event Broker is the fastest, most flexible, and most robust event broker around.

Management & Governance

  • Centralized administration with a “single pane of glass”
  • Powerful monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Integration with popular monitoring and observability tools

Capacity and Performance

  • High throughput in persistent, non-persistent, 1:1 and fanout scenarios
  • Low, predictable latency
  • Hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections

Robustness and Security

  • Authentication, authorization and encryption
  • Built-in fault tolerance, high availability, and disaster recovery

Federated Architecture

  • Routing across cloud, on-premises and edge environments
  • Dynamic, self-learning routing
  • Fast, bandwidth-efficient routing over WANs