Easily stream events across your enterprise

Any endpoint

Applications, information sources and devices

Any place

Cloud, on-prem and edge, across geographies

Any way

Any exchange pattern, protocol or quality of service


Messaging and Streaming Needs

Meet Your Most Demanding
Messaging and Streaming Needs

Follow the path of the many enterprises who trust their event-driven integration and streaming to PubSub+ for its exceptional speed, security, and reliability. Scale and federate your system by building an event mesh that intelligently routes data across clouds, datacenters, and geographies.

Address any Use Case,
and be Smart about Topics

Use the right tool for every messaging job, as PubSub+ supports all exchange patterns, qualities of service, and features like caching, partitioned queues and replay.

Smart topics, with support for hierarchy and wildcards, make it easy to make sure data gets exactly – and only – where it’s needed.

APIs and connectors diagram - Solace

Tie Together Your Entire Ecosystem

It’ll be easy to get all your apps and devices talking, and to loop in your customers and partners, because PubSub+ speaks fluent AMQP, Kafka, MQTT, REST, and WebSocket, offers APIs for your favorite programming languages, and packaged connectors for all kinds of applications, cloud services, and integration tools.

Solace Named an Event Broker Leader

IDC positions PubSub+ in the Leaders category in their MarketScape report for worldwide event broker software. 

Deploy Your Brokers Anywhere,
However You Like

Run your brokers wherever you want — clouds, datacenters and remote locations – and mix and match our cloud service, software, and appliance form factors to design the right system for your requirements. You’ll meet all your integration goals with the only solution that’s so flexible and scalable you’ll never stress about capacity planning or provisioning ever again.

PubSub+ Event Broker - PubSub+ Platfrom Diagram

Easily Deploy and Manage Your Brokers with a Comprehensive Platform

PubSub+ Event Broker is the heart of PubSub+ Platform, a comprehensive suite of tools that make it easy — relatively speaking — to operate and observe your event-driven system. Configure and manage your brokers and event mesh, create and manage connections, trace the events coursing through your system, and collaboratively lifecycle manage your event-driven assets.

See PubSub+ Event Broker in Action

You’ll learn how to…

  • Configure and deploy high availability PubSub+ Event Broker nodes in mere minutes.
  • Connect your event brokers into a global event mesh to stream data across environments, organizations and geographies.
  • Integrate applications and microservices with multi-protocol support and translation right out of the box.
See PubSub+ Event Broker in Action