EDEKA selected Solace’s EDA platform to build an event mesh that streams real-time master data across their enterprise – from datacenters to wireless devices on the store floor.

EDEKA chose PubSub+ because they were convinced it would improve the reliability, robustness and agility of their infrastructure while being relatively easy and inexpensive to operate. They have taken advantage of the platform’s support for a wide variety of protocols and environments, including cloud, datacenters and stores, to facilitate the deployment of innovative applications and services.

German systems integrator Thinkport helped EDA design and implement their event mesh, and use it to link applications in several areas of their business.


Solace’s EDA platform helped EDEKA modernize their supply chain and merchandise management systems by replacing synchronous batch updates between siloed systems with real-time, event-driven data sharing. By enabling a continuous event-driven flow of information, Solace PubSub+ Platform simplifies daily processes to support a better shopping experience for customers.

Further, PubSub+ Event Portal offers them a clear, visual picture of what information needs to flow between various systems, and the ability to model event-driven microservices in a way that provides new insights into ways EDEKA can differentiate its brand to better meet customer expectations.

German supermarket chain EDEKA uses Solace technology to stream master data across their stores and supply chain.

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