Your Challenge: Delivering consistent information, experience and personalized service via all channels

Automating and improving data exchange among and between supply chain, e-commerce, and in-store operations is critical to meet the needs of today’s shoppers

A Next-Gen Retail Platform must do the following:

  • Support reactions in real-time to events (order is cancelled)
  • Support innovation of new services that use new combinations of the events that are available (offer a set of sheets when a mattress is ordered)
  • Support a high volume of transactions and services that keeps up with bursts and busy seasons
  • Integrates with both legacy and new cloud services for a consistent shopper experience
  • Easily engage with partners and suppliers for value-added services
  • Support data security and comply with regulatory requirements

The solution: Modernize your Platform with an Event Mesh powered by PubSub+

Diagram: Retail
A Solace powered event mesh using a network of PubSub+ event brokers dynamically routes events across your physical and digital operations deployed on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud for a more consistent and personalized shopping experience across all channels. And PubSub+ Event Portal provides you with the tooling you need to govern the event mesh.

Technical Benefits

  • Leverage best of breed tech: Build applications FAST that leverage the best commercially available solution to each problem, whether that’s on-premises software or a cloud-native service
  • Boost your business with partners: Engage easily with partners for value added services by putting in place a protocol-agnostic and API-friendly data distribution infrastructure
  • Unlock legacy assets: Liberate data locked in legacy core systems by letting them share data with modern applications and microservices
  • Simplify governance: Manage all of your data movement with a single pane of glass so you can more easily ensure customer data only gets to authorized systems

Business Benefits

  • Lower your recurring costs: Minimize your WAN costs by moving data to only destinations that want or need it and without needing to make constant changes as new services are rolled out or busy seasons approach.
  • Complete transactions faster: With accurate, up-to-date view of all customers, inventory and entire supply/value chain, your shoppers will not only finish their transactions faster but will come back for more.
  • Share institutional knowledge: Unlock the institutional knowledge that makes your business special and put it to new use by making it more readily available for access and analysis
  • Streamline partnerships: Securely offer your products and value propositions through other businesses and payment providers without causing your IT headaches

Why Solace?

Because PubSub+ uses “smart topics” with hierarchy definitions and wildcard filtering to give you the flexibility in application design that you need from a modern event-driven solution.

Watch the video to learn why this matters!

Why Solace? Video

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