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Why you Need EDA for Real-Time Retail

Why you Need EDA for Real-Time Retail

For retailers to thrive today, they need a digital IT foundation that captures and distributes information in real-time. By linking applications and devices across environments and geographies, event-driven architecture (EDA) helps retailers:

  • React more quickly to events such as orders, cancellations, and changing inventory levels
  • Right-size their system and dynamically scale to satisfy spikes and seasonal demand
  • Quickly adapt to new customer preferences, competitive forces and market conditions
  • Make smarter decisions and more accurately forecast and replenish inventory
  • Improve the efficiency of their internal operations and supply chains

How EDA Works for Retail

Event-driven architecture (EDA) is a software design pattern in which applications share information in a real-time, event-driven manner via an intermediary called an event broker. EDA is being adopted by leading retailers as an integral element of their digital transformation strategies because it improves responsiveness, scalability, agility and resilience.

How EDA Works for Retail

An event represents a change in state, or an update, such as an item being placed in a shopping cart, a loyalty card application being submitted, or an order becoming ready to ship. Events are “published” with a topic that indicates what they are about, and systems can “subscribe” to receive all events with relevant topics.

This example shows three event producers (a web site, a mobile app and a point of sale system) and the events they produce (an order, a customer query and a product return). An event broker processes these events and instantly passes them along to any and systems that have subscribed to that kind of information.

Use Cases that EDA Enables in Retail

By enabling real-time data flow between supply chain, e-commerce, and in-store systems, EDA enables retailers to improve customer experience and operational efficiency
in the following areas and ways:

In-Store & e-Commerce

  • Omni-Channel: Offer a seamless shopping experience across physical and digital channels.
  • Product Data: Stream pricing and other data to POS, ads, pricing displays, web sites, etc.
  • Connected Stores: Collect data from sensors and control IoT devices and smart displays.
  • Risk Management: Proactively detect and prevent fraud attempts.

Supply Chain

  • Production & Disposition: Improve forecasting, production planning, and replenishment.
  • Smart Logistics: Dynamically optimize routes and schedules based on real-time stock updates.
  • Perishable Goods: Reduce waste by monitoring transit times and temperatures, dynamically repricing for sale.
  • Supplier Relations: Better manage contracts, orders, suppliers, integration of ERP and PIM.

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Why Retailers Choose Solace for EDA

Heineken Logo HEINEKEN is increasing their resilience and adaptability by using event-driven integration to connect thousands of applications, dozens of operating companies, and business units in the 190+ countries where Heineken® beer and cider are manufactured and sold.

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Solace has been an important part of our success in streamlining interactions between our order management processes and logistics service providers.”

Andrea Lojelo Global IT Business Process Manager – Technical Integration

EDEKA selected our event management and streaming platform PubSub+ to build an event mesh that streams real-time master data across their enterprise. Recently they were named ‘Best Connected Retail Solution’ by EHI Retail Institute.

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