Why Solace PubSub+ for Retail Digital Transformation?

We help you do it faster. We connect all your operations and systems (digital, legacy, any app) so you have the information you need in real-time when it matters most to your customers.

Immediately. Every time. With security. Without hassle. Back office. Operations. Supply chain. In the cloud. In stores. Online. In warehouses. Anywhere.

How? So glad you asked!

  1. We unify your physical and digital operations.

    Build an event mesh using PubSub+ event brokers that dynamically route events anywhere – securely, reliably, quickly and guaranteed. When an order for a pair of jeans is placed through an e-commerce platform, for example, interested applications such as inventory, OM, and CRM receive notifications that in turn trigger stock-check events which lead to the order being shipped to the customer. Once the order is fulfilled, suppliers get automatically notified to refill the shelf in the warehouse and the event gets ingested by your analytics service. You can now send an email to the customer with an offer for another product that complements the initial order.

    We unify your physical and digital operations

  2. We future-proof your real-time event architecture.

    Create a digital foundation that supports open standard protocols, streaming APIs, and scales to tens of millions of IoT devices. Oh, and it works both with your legacy and cloud-native apps (and those you haven’t thought of yet). No forklift in 2 years. No add-ons. Simple. PubSub+ comes with a powerful event-driven ecosystem that makes your migrations to the cloud much faster, and your retail digital transformation a reality.

    Solace API Protocols Diagram

  3. We let you transform at your own pace.

    Because PubSub+ integrates with your old and new apps, architectures and technologies, you can modernize piece by piece and at your own pace. The event mesh is dynamic, so it’s easy to have apps move, leave, and re-join the mesh as routing topics auto-follow the applications.

    Start with PubSub+ Free Standard Edition in the Data Center as the hub initially, and as the number of shoppers, internal users, and partners grow, consider the Enterprise edition for increased scalability.

    Start with PubSub+ Free Standard Edition in the Data Center

Three Deployment Options

Event Broker: Cloud


Event Broker: Cloud is a managed service. Spin up event broker services in minutes, scale to any level, and leave the operation of your messaging infrastructure to us. Free service available.

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Event Broker: Software


Event Broker: Software is easy to deploy in your favorite clouds, containers, and iPaaS/PaaS environments. And there’s a free production-ready edition.

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Free production-ready software

Event Broker: Hardware


Event Broker: Hardware gives you extreme performance and capacity in a compact form factor with the operations and low TCO of a turnkey appliance.

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