I’m proud to announce that our retail customer, EDEKA, has been named “Best Connected Retail Solution” by a scientific institute of the retail industry, EHI Retail Institute, for their work with our event-driven technology.  

As part of that EHI also named us, and our partner, German systems integrator, Thinkport, as top suppliers to the retail sector!  

the winners holding the award

From left to right: Jens Sperk (EDEKA Digital GmbH), Dominik Fries (Thinkport), Andrej Haux (EDEKA Digital GmbH), Tobias Reusch (Solace).

Our History with EDEKA 

EDEKA is the largest German supermarket corporation and uses cutting-edge technologies to meet the expectation of modern-day shop staff and customers. In 2021, EDEKA selected our event management and streaming platform PubSub+ to build an event mesh that streams real-time master data across their enterprise – from datacenters to wireless devices on the store floor. (You can learn about why retailers should be using an event mesh here). 

Their in-house IT subsidiary EDEKA DIGITAL (EDDI) did so with the help of Thinkport, which helped them design and implement their event mesh and use it to link applications in several areas of their business.  

Why They Won 

EHI recognized EDEKA and EDDI for an initiative EDEKA calls “Retail Digital Data Integration” (REDDI) that leverages the publish/subscribe messaging pattern and event-driven architecture (EDA) – specifically our EDA platform and the event mesh mentioned above – to simplify and accelerate the movement of data (such as master data management about the tens of thousands of products they carry) from source systems to data consumers. 

As part of the award announcement, EHI described why they selected EDEKA: 

EDEKA DIGITAL has implemented a cloud-based event-streaming and management solution for handling master data in its markets and supply chain. This new event-based platform helps to distribute master data to stores, datacenters and cloud services in real time. Product details from an ERP system are merged with additional data sources like product images from a previous system, and the changes are transmitted to various target projects.”  

EDEKA themselves did a great job of explaining the architecture, objectives, and benefits of the project with this 4-minute video:

Interested in learning more? 

Most IT professionals in retail agree that real-time data distribution yields tangible benefits. In fact, we found that 85% of retailers have made recent steps towards adopting EDA! As a retailer, EDA needs to be on your radar.  

Imagine the possibilities….  

  • inventory and ecommerce apps are consistently accurate and in real-time sync, 
  • instant adjustments to minimize waste and maximize supply chain efficiency, and 
  • personalized customer promotions based on what they’re doing in the moment – in store or online. 

If this sounds like your future, let’s setup a call to discuss your situation! 

Alecia OBrien
Alecia O'Brien

With over two decades of digital and product marketing leadership, Alecia currently oversees Solace's global marketing and enablement campaigns, and vertical product marketing initiatives.

Prior to her current role, Alecia worked as a growth and product marketing consultant to SaaS companies, in product marketing at Mitel and Halogen Software, and as Director of Marketing at dna13 (now Canada NewsWire). Originally from Australia, she holds a BA/BSc, and Masters in Marketing from Monash University, is a fanatic #PeletonMom, and thrives on helping other women advance their careers in high tech.