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What is event-driven integration?

Event-driven integration is an enterprise architecture pattern built on leveraging the best capabilities of event brokers and integration platforms. By combining the data transformation and connectivity of an iPaaS with the real-time dynamic choreography of an event broker and event mesh, enterprises can ensure their integrations are reliable and secure, and offer the flexibility to stay agile.

Why event-driven integration?

  • Improve the scalability, reliability and useful life of legacy applications and systems of record by enabling them to send and receive information in real-time.
  • Accelerate innovation by making it easy to incorporate new apps, cloud services and IoT devices into existing business processes.
  • Simplify the design of your growing system by replacing point-to-point integration that relies on synchronous communications with more flexible asynchronous and one-to-many interactions.

Why Solace for event-driven integration?

  • Plug-and-Play
    Rich connectors for leading integration platforms as a service offerings and ESBs make it easy to tie together the variety of integration tools and technologies you use across lines of business and use cases, and they’re all, built and managed by Solace.
  • Support
    Support for your favorite protocols and APIs lets you connect to and translate data from legacy apps, IoT devices, and cloud services using their language of choice.
  • Event Mesh
    An event mesh (interconnected network of event brokers) lets you quickly, dynamically, and securely distribute data across your enterprise and around the world no matter what – even in the face of network failures, natural disasters and application issues.
  • Buffer for Bursts
    Event brokers can temporarily store messages to a queue or topic until your iPaaS is ready to process them, or downstream applications are able to receive them, so they aren’t overwhelmed by sudden spikes in traffic.
  • Easy Management
    Our unique event portal software makes it easy to collaboratively create and manage the events and event flows that enable real-time, event-driven interactions between systems.

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