To meet the evolving needs of the global coffee and tea market, JDE wanted to improve how they work with the logistics service providers who get their product to market. Roberto Acevedo Castillo, who manages their Global Technical Integration Center of Excellence, knew doing so would demand that they add real-time capabilities and better scalability to their system, simplify their architecture by consolidating multiple platforms, and eliminate the risk of message loss.


JDE used Solace’s event management product, PubSub+ Event Portal, to analyze their environment so they can see how internal and external systems and stakeholders share information, and PubSub+ Event Broker to replace request/reply polling with the real-time event-driven distribution of information.

Today JDE uses PubSub+ Event Broker to manage data flows running through the Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that links systems across their enterprise, and PubSub+ Event Portal to collaborate on the creation, management and reuse of events, event streams and event-driven APIs across their business.

Why They Picked Solace

JDE had started to increase the number of logistics service providers linked via Boomi and was seeing a steady rise in transaction rates. To ensure responsiveness and stability as they asked more and more of it, and make sure they could easily expand its role over time, they chose to augment their Boomi iPaaS with PubSub+, a platform which has proven its ability to distribute massive amounts of real-time data in the retail, financial services and telecom industries.


PubSub+ Event Portal helped JDE understand how their applications were connected, and what information was flowing where, so they could optimize relationships between systems.

PubSub+ Event Broker has eliminated delays associated with propagating events (such as delivery creations and shipping confirmations) by replacing periodic polling and batch updates with immediate real-time delivery when something changes.

By handling the real-time delivery of information, PubSub+ has freed their Boomi iPaaS to focus on processing and transforming messages so it can handle way more transactions than before, with fewer resources. For example, they can now run twice as many Boomi workers on the same infrastructure, and CPU utilization – which used to vary greatly and spike to 100% — is now stable at around 20%.

The integration of PubSub+ and Boomi also ensures that documents are delivered in near-real-time even during bursts and peaks, making the system so fast, reliable and scalable that even “Black Friday” – which used to require all hands-on deck – is no longer cause for concern.

JDE (JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS) is a subsidiary of JDE Peet’s, the world's leading pure-play coffee and tea company. Headquartered in The Netherlands, JDE unleashes the possibilities of coffee and tea in more than 100 countries through a portfolio of over 50 brands.

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