System Architecture and Design​

Establish a solid foundation to ensure you successfully deploy the PubSub+ Platform.

This pack delivers the system architecture to deploy Solace PubSub+ technology within your specific environment. A senior Solace Solution Architect is dedicated to delivering a complete architecture that can be implemented in later phases, by your team or ours. ​

Infrastructure Deployment and Configuration​

This pack brings the experience and expertise of Solace Professional Services to help you to get the most out of your PubSub+ deployment, and to set a baseline for future deployments by carrying forward best practices. The pack will plan and execute deployment and configuration of the PubSub+ Platform components on your specific infrastructure and provide the runbooks and documentation to allow you to continue operating the deployment, as well as add to it when you need to.​

Migrating Legacy Messaging to PubSub+​

If you’re transitioning to Solace from legacy messaging brokers, such as IBM MQ Series or Tibco EMS, you can’t just perform a hot-swap. Instead, you’ll need a detailed plan to migrate your infrastructure, applications, and processes.​

This pack will work with your IT operations, middleware, and application teams to develop a plan to migrate at a pace that makes sense for your business. Fast or slow. Application by application. Consumers before publishers. The migration can be specifically planned around your schedule and objectives.​

Application Scenario from Development to Production​

Whether you’re moving to a true event-driven architecture (EDA) or applying messaging concepts to existing application design, Solace Professional Services will help your teams to learn new concepts, new APIs, and how to apply those to your deployment. The goal is to bring your applications to production with Solace’s help and experience and to train your team to be able to deliver successful applications in the future.​

Monitoring PubSub+​

Effective monitoring lets you detect potential issues before they have negative impact, recover quickly from problems that do arise, and optimize both performance and resource utilization.​

​In this pack, Solace Professional Services engages with your production teams to produce optimal monitoring results whether you are deploying Solace solutions like PubSub+ Monitor or PubSub+ Insights, or integrating with your own monitoring solution, such as Prometheus or DataDog. It delivers a design document on the set up of the monitoring solution and a runbook of procedures and operational tasks as references to make sure it continues to be manageable after the service is complete.​

Pre-production Check Up and Go Live Support​

Deploying an application to a production environment is a critical step in getting value from the tools, resources, and overall investment made in IT projects. And the business you support is depending on successful and timely cut-over.​

This pack helps to ensure success by bringing in Solace Professional Services to do a thorough review and audit of the application. Our intimate knowledge of the PubSub+ Platform components, combined with a wealth of industry experience, ensures we know the questions to ask and issues to watch out for in the Pre-production Check Up. ​

With optional Go Live Support, a Solace expert familiar with the project is on call and ready to assist should any issues arise on Go Live day. This is a great “hand holding” option to provide an enhanced level of confidence.​

Solace System Health Check

Fast and detailed assessment of the state of your Solace infrastructure with the help of our experts. The goal is to identify deficiencies that could cause, complicate or extend outages in your production systems and reduce time and resources it takes to maintain and support your Solace estate.

The result of the Health Check will be a report card that documents everything our expert observed, identifies areas of low, medium and high risk, and provides clear, concise recommendations for how to address each issue. ​

PubSub+ Infrastructure Lock-Down

This Pack covers all of the key aspects of effectively securing a PubSub+ Platform deployment. Solace’s security experts study the customer’s PubSub+ Platform deployment, evaluate it against Solace best-practice guidelines, and recommend actionable mitigation steps, when necessary, to address any security concerns. The end result is a Solace security recommendations document that can be used as a building block for securing Solace deployments over time.​

PubSub+ Distributed Tracing Jumpstart

Event driven architectures distribute microservices and data in an asynchronous manner. They are challenging to troubleshoot, debug and monitor. They also make it difficult to analyze data lineage for errors or compliance.

Solace PubSub+ Distributed Tracing uses the OpenTelemetry standard to add full observability to your event brokers and event mesh to address these key organizational needs.

Solace PubSub+ Event Broker Installation

Installing Solace event brokers entails complex planning and execution processes. For example, when installing Solace appliances, you need to work with the infrastructure team to set up network provisioning, SAN storage allocation and fiber cable laying. When installing software brokers, picking the underlying virtual infrastructure for computation and storage requires in-depth knowledge of the latest Solace event brokercompatible technologies.

Solace PubSub+ Event Broker Upgrade

Upgrading Solace PubSub+ event brokers that are in production, where applications depend on them, is a complex process.

You need to consider how the upgrade will impact your applications, how long your upgrade window should be, whether your application needs to be tested after the upgrade, and whether you need to test the upgrade in a UAT or staging environment before rolling the change into production.

Solace PubSub+ Event Broker Migration

Migrating from an existing Solace PubSub+ event broker to a newer, more modern version requires careful design and meticulous migration preparation and planning.

How do I migrate from existing appliances which are about to reach end-of-support to the latest and greatest appliances that Solace has to offer? Can I migrate from hardware appliances to software event brokers or even to Solace Cloud? What is required for my existing applications? Are there any changes required? These are just a few from a myriad of questions that
the middleware or application team faces when considering migrating the Solace event brokers.