As one of the top retailers in the world, the Schwarz Group’s goal is to meet customer expectations and to act efficiently and sustainably in the face of growing demand in the market.

Their Requirements

Schwarz Group knew that to achieve their goals they needed to optimize the IT infrastructure that spans their stores, supply chain, datacenters, an increasing number of IoT devices, and both online and app-based shopping experiences. In particular, they needed to re-architect their messaging and integration layer to support rapid innovation and growth, and to meet customer expectations for a more integrated shopping experience. That meant replacing synchronous batch updates with real-time, event-driven data sharing to modernize their supply chain and merchandise management systems so they could offer customers the real-time online shopping experience they demand. They also wanted to make sure their system is ready for cloud and IoT so they can stay ahead of the competition.

How Solace Helped

Schwarz Group is replacing its legacy messaging middleware with PubSub+ Platform, Solace’s sophisticated event streaming and management platform that reliably streams information between applications, devices and user interfaces across geographies and diverse cloud and on-premises environments. They’ve also deployed a new container platform that is used to run Solace PubSub+ and event-driven microservices.


Capabilities like independent scaling, accelerated deployment and provisioning, and the ability to offer messaging-as-a-service are helping the Schwarz Group improve efficiency and accelerate time to market for new services, and improved agility gives them the confidence that they can meet fast-changing customer needs at any time, even in times of seasonal bursts.

Linking decentralized and siloed services in stores across Europe and in the U.S. with our existing ecosystem of traditional business systems and integration platforms will help us take many activities and customer interactions to a whole new level. For example, we will be able to offer our customers a next-generation omni-channel experience, give ourselves a 360-degree view of all their activity, and always offer a responsive experience even amidst sales and seasonal bursts of activity.”
– Michael Weidig, Head of IT Engineering and Integration Services

The Schwarz Group, a multinational retail group with Lidl and Kaufland as brands in food retailing, is implementing Solace PubSub+ Platform to improve the performance and scalability of their IT infrastructure.

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