Around 2010, RBC Capital Markets was looking to move away from incumbent vendors. They had a variety of messaging systems deployed across hundreds of servers, but it was impossible to seamlessly make a change to one environment without impacting the others. The result was a ton of manual labor, downtime, and the need to prioritize when changes were made (typically on Saturdays).


RBC has deployed over 50 Solace event broker appliances in financial centers around the world to act as the message bus of their low latency trading platform.


Solace technology ensures the reliable real-time flow of data across tens of thousands 25,000 application connections.

RBC Capital Markets is the corporate and investment banking arm of the Royal Bank of Canada, and among the top 10 investment banks in the world.

118 billion messages a day. That’s over 1.3 million messages a second. 24 hours a day. That’s huge volume, and we do all that completely seamlessly without any data loss.”

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