Our congratulations to Josh Carroll, managing director and global head of shared application services at RBC Capital Markets, for winning the Digital Technology Award as part of the Ventana Research 2020 Digital Leadership Awards.

We’re proud to say that Solace Customer RBC Capital Markets Awarded for their Digital LeadershipJosh has built one of the largest and most resilient event meshes on the planet with our technology. By handling the distribution of as many as 118 billion events a day with low latency even during periods of extreme volatility and volumes, this event mesh has helped RBC Capital Markets cement its position among the world leading investment banks.

RBC Capital Markets’ 400+ application teams use this event mesh to facilitate the distribution of data across ~30,000 application connections, giving them an easy way to publish information or subscribe to data they need without worrying about how that information flows, or working with other groups to make that happen.  Additionally, new applications and users can be onboarded in the middle of the business day without disrupting their production environment. which is important because in the world of investment banking, downtime equals lost revenue.

In fact, the global event mesh they’ve built with PubSub+ Platform has contributed to RBC’s bottom line, as the company’s Q3 2020 earnings beat estimates based in large part on the stellar performance of the capital markets division, which saw profits soar 45% thanks to “growth primarily to gains in fixed-income trading operations.”

So congratulations again to Josh and the RBC Capital Markets team for their well-deserved recognition!

Roger Sabourin

As the leader of Solace’s analyst relations program, Roger has leveraged his technical background and analyst relations experience to develop a solid technical understanding of event-driven architecture, event streaming and event management that he uses to help analysts understand the many ways EDA and events can enable, complement, and accelerate the latest trends in computing and technology.

After kicking off his career as a programmer and professional services consultant, Roger shifted his focus to analyst relations with business intelligence innovator Cognos and IBM’s Business Analytics and Global Business Services consulting division when IBM acquired them, and for 20 years now he’s been working alongside Gartner, Forrester, IDC and other analysts to help them understand his employers’ position in the enterprise IT landscape.

Married for 30 years, Roger is the proud father of 3 adult children and enjoys DIY projects around the house and spending quiet time at the lake.