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C3 Post Trade

C3 replaced their messaging layer with PubSub+ Event Broker in order to improve the availability of their system and to support their event-driven communications between old and new technologies.
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Fenics US Treasuries

"Solace is a key component of our global electronic trading solutions. Their unique ability to blend hardware and software principles into an effective platform makes it the underpinning of the world’s fastest US Treasuries marketplace."
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By replacing its messaging infrastructure with Solace, Finalto can keep up with ever-increasing market data volume and provide efficient, low latency pricing and trading to its clients.
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Grasshopper used Solace technology to build an event mesh that enables faster, more sophisticated trading by incorporating AI into their trading systems.
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With Solace, Liquidnet reduced roundtrip latency by as much as 4 milliseconds, giving traders the confidence of knowing they have an up-to-date picture of liquidity.
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London Capital Group

London Capital Group uses Solace to distribute real-time price information to applications and traders throughout their business and around the world.
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London Stock Exchange

LSE Group uses Solace’s platform to provide a high throughput persistent messaging infrastructure for their downstream staging system.
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The use of Solace messaging appliances has allowed MSCI to maintain its standards for scalability and availability while continuing to meet our needs for future growth.
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Old Mission

Old Mission uses Solace technology to efficiently stream massive amounts of information in an event-driven manner, even through peak and volatile conditions.
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Pico uses Solace appliances as the data distribution infrastructure within their Pico Quantitative Trading platform.
Capital Markets Financial Services

RBC Capital Markets

RBC Capital Markets uses Solace technology to stream data appliances to act as the message bus of their low latency trading platform.